Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 39: Palace Banquet (Part 3)

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“Long live, long live, long, long live, The Emperor!” Resounding sounds throughout the main hall were shouting to the Emperor and Empress once they entered at that moment, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, narrowed her eyes to look. Yan Hong Tian wore a bright yellow silk robe with a white jade belt on his waist, his head wore a dark gold and jade hat, cold eyes were still threatening, matching up with the whole body’s outfits, excessively could shake people not to dare to look straight at. In reality, besides Zhuo Qing’s peeping, indeed there was nobody who dared to raised their heads. The Empress seemed to be really young, about 20 years old, a gold hairpin and jade pendant on her bun hair. She wore a dark red flowery meandering dress, embroidered skirt with peony tree design that was weighing down to the ground, setting her off to look dignified and luxurious, but the respected status as her, could only follow closely at the Emperor’s side, but could not be side by side with him all along.

Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, she finally understood, why the sovereign kings in the ancient times were very much believed in themselves to be the Son of Heaven, so very easy to change an incapable ruler, to have all of the people crawled at your feet all the time, who could still remember what kind of a person was oneself, only a few?!

Yan Ru Xuan’s dazzlingly starred at her own hand, face was burning hot, almost roasting, thundering heartbeats, all of the voices could not enter her ears, she could only hear her own thumping sound heartbeat. He unexpectedly took the initiative to pull her hand a moment ago, although it was only for a brief moment, but she could finally feel his slightly cold fingertips gently held her wrist with gentle strength. Somewhat raising her head to look at that fair handsome face by her side, Yan Ru Xuan knew, no matter how much desperation and hurt he gave her, she could not let go of him because it was already a long long time ago, her heart and her eyes could not allow any other man any longer, except for him.

According to his eyesights, he naturally was looking clearly at that palace maid who was exactly Princess Chao Yun, Su Ling’s cold pupils flashed through a touch of disgust. A woman was sure enough just an annoying person, a married woman would unable to make sense of a situation, unable to see clearly any circumstance forever.

In between each silent curse, Yan Hong Tian already walked to the highest layer of the platform, sat down on the Dragon Throne, the Empress sat by his right side. Yang Hong Tian calmly raised both of his hands, clearly narrated: “All of the high ranking officials, you may rise.”

“Thank you, His Majesty.” (The actual words here were 圣上-sheng shang, it was ministers’ form of address for the current emperor). Again to be adjusted uniformly, just like a drill that had to be responded countless of time afterwards, each one of the cabinet ministers sat properly.

Finally able to stand straightly, Zhuo Qing gloomily kneaded her knees gently, Mo Bai suddenly pulled her a moment ago, she reckoned that her knees would be greenish black. Only thinking, Mo Bai’s cold line of sight left her hand, Zhuo Qing curled her lips, embarrassedly stood properly.

“Bei Qi’s diplomatic envoys ask to have an audience.”
The ceremony government official shouted in a loud voice once again, three people’s shadows walked slowly to come from the end of the golden color rug, two men and one woman.

All three people were wearing splendid clothes, the tall and thin man stood in front, the relatively sturdy man stood behind him, but the one who attracted Zhuo Qing’s line of sight was that woman. She was absolutely the one person who would not let people to ignore her great beauty, not to say that her facial features had so much exquisite, rather that ostentatiously display of her energetic look, looked as if it was a painting, eyes liked limpid autumn waters (description of the girl’s beautiful eyes), wondered around, and drew people to enquire into.

“Qiong Emperor, may you have a long good fortune.” The three people half kneeled to give courtesy.

Yan Hong Tian’s clear voice answered: “You may rise, granting you to take the seats.”

“Thank you, Qiong Emperor.”

The three people sat down on their seats, they were actually sitting at the three long empty tables next to Su Ling, the meager man slightly cupped his hand towards Su Ling, Su Ling still had that cold face, only slightly nodded to return the greeting. Su Ling’s somewhat rude response, but the man paid no attention at all, gracefully sat down.

Yan Hong Tian’s loud and clear voice echoed once again: “Several of you who came from afar, first taste Qiong Yue’s distinctive Aquilaria tree wine, bestow the wine.”

“Thank you, Qiong Emperor for the reward.”

Three people who wore blue clothings’  of the palace maids were offering the wine pot, walking beside the long table, half kneeling as they poured the wine.

Sure enough, not only in the ancient times or the modern times, the banquet was this boring and tedious forever. The difference was, at the very least, she could still sit and eat before, if she wanted to go, she could just go, she could only stand now…. Zhuo Qing boringly yawned, her gaze swept across a palace maid, Zhuo Qing breathed fearfully, that woman who poured the wine for the Princess, her face unexpectedly also had two distinct scars from a knife wound, the same on the right cheek. She, could or could not be Qing Ling?!

Paying attention to that palace maid, naturally not only Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Yan’s eyes also showed a touch of surprise, that woman should be Qing Ling, right. No matter what, she and Feng-er’s body shapes and appearances looked a lot alike, the difference was Feng-er’s eyes displayed a proudly clear cold radiance, and her eyes were full of cold desperation and apathetic to ignore.

However, why would she be at the banquet, even more to let her serve Qi Princess? Was the Emperor’s purpose to humiliate her? Lou Xi Yan secretly looked a glance at Yan Hong Tian, from his eyes, Lou Xi Yan also saw an astonished look. It seemed that he did not arrange it, in that way, the only person who could arrange this was the Empress.

The matter in the harem, he should not care about it, there was no big movement where Qing Feng was standing either, Lou Xi Yan lightly covered up the ray of his eyes, was still watching for that change.

Perhaps, it was Zhuo Qing’s excessively blazing expression, or maybe because of the so called interlinked hearts, the palace maid suddenly lifted her head, met by Zhuo Qing’s line of sight all together.

Seeing clearly Zhuo Qing’s face, the woman’s pair of eyes swiftly opened widely, the hand that was holding the wine pot was almost unstable. Looking at her facial expression, Zhuo Qing actually cooled down in her mind, she, should be Qing Ling, but absolutely was not Gu Yun. If she was Gu Yun, she would not recognize the change in herself that was beyond recognition, the calm’s Gu Yun would also not show this much excitement, made people see her thought.

Zhuo Qing disappointedly withdrew her line of sight, the woman also realized suddenly that she lost her own control excessively, lowered her head, but slightly moved her shoulder up and down, could still see how her mood was moved emotionally.

The three people drank the cup of wine, Bei Qi’s third Prince, Xu Xun Si respectfully laughed and said: “As expected, it is a good wine! Strong aromatic, mellow and rich, soft and smooth inside the mouth. Bei Qi’s delegations come to make customary deferences this time, so that we can experience Qiong Yue’s powerful and magnificent of the dominant country’s paragon. We wish to be able to use this opportunity to express that our country will acknowledge allegiance towards Qiong Yue.”

Yan Hong Tian slowly nodded, a clear understanding manner, his mouth also cordially answered: “Bei Qi is Qiong Yue’s neighboring country, both countries will intercommunicate diplomatically, many dealings certainly are good actions. Third Prince, since you have already arrived in Qiong Yue, there is no harm to tour, Qiong Yue still has somewhat beautiful scenery.”

Yan Hong Tian, originally did not want to answer the topic of his discussion, Xu Xun Si’s heart already understood it clearly, he was not fond to form an alliance. Following his words, Xu Xun Si laughingly said: “Thank you for Qiong Emperor’s good thought, Qiong Yue’s geographical area is vast, elegant folk songs, naturally nothing is more beautiful that can be imagined. This time, Seventh Princess also specifically prepares for a flowing sleeve dance to wish Qiong Yue’s prosperous, and hopes that both countries will bond as friendly allies for all ages.”

“Oh?” How quick did they use the honey trap? (Using a beautiful woman to try to accomplish one’s goal. In this particular story, Bei Qi is trying to use the 7th Princess’ dancing & beauty to entrap YHT). Yan Hong Tian’s eyes lightly raised, laugh heartily and said: “Always hear that Seventh Princess’ dancing skill is extraordinary, Zhen will enjoy it properly today.”

“Yan Yun was incompetence.” The woman’s natural and unrestrained conduct, gracefully got up to walk towards the middle of the long golden rug. Facing to look at Yan Hong Tian, but she did not start to dance yet, she unexpectedly…. lightly pulled her belt! Zhuo Qing was startled, this Princess was also extremely daring, ok? In front of everyone, she undressed…. Her dance could not be a striptease dance, right…….

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  2. Sigh, am I the only one who wants to strangle the stupid emperor? Such incompetency, acts higher and mightier than the empress but he can’t even protect one concubine or whatever the sister became. I know the empress is in charge of the harem but this is a new low. The taint of the 3rd book has creeped into this story too. I feel so bad for the sister and hope that book 3 does justice to her cause I ain’t gonna read that. Thanks Sian and din 🙂

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    • No, Princess Chao Yun isn’t married. She probably wants to marry LXY. Hehehe… I think Su Ling was pissed just because he hated women in general. Hahaha… Until he, himself, heads over heel in love with GY.


  3. Hu hu
    we’ve reached the point where ZQ can show her amazing skills!
    I’m not surprised she was able to read right off that it wasn’t GY. After reading about this scene in the other book, I had guessed that was the case when they met eyes and and ZQ didn’t bother with QF anymore.

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  4. Yes! it’s friday and that means…new chapter! (〃^▽^〃)
    Thanks as always!
    I was going to ask you for QF spoiler that makes you mad but since I won’t read QF’s story then it would be meaningless. *sigh* that shitty emperor and empress really ruin my interest in the 3rd book.

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    • But you can read it for Qing Feng. That’s the sole reason I read book 3, for Qing feng 😃 I’m rooting for her happiness at the end of the book…


    • You meant the real Qing Feng, right? I know the names are still confusing as we know about the delivery mix up but all the characters in the novel haven’t found out about it yet. Her life is the most pitiful, however, she’s definitely the strongest sister out of the three.

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      • Yes I meant the real Qing Feng. I understand her life would be the most pitiful after all she is surrounded by so many scary women. But it a relief that that is strong.

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  5. Seeing the epilogue of the real Qing Feng makes me want to read it QF and YHT are really sweet together
    from this i realized that she doesnt have to be the empress as long as YHT loves her. Hope their daughter wont be used for political marriage I will strangle the emperor and torture the political marriage target along with his whole family/clan

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    • I don’t think Qing Feng will let YHT to use Yan Ning as a political chess. Plus the fact that both QF & YN are leaving outside the palace so they live pretty much like “normal” people.


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