Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 37: Palace Banquet (Part 1)

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Outside of Qian Yang Palace Hall

Zhuo Qing lowered her head, followed to the side of Lou Xi Yan’s body, walked for no more than 10 minutes, just heard the lively confusing voices. Zhuo Qing raised her head to look, the palace lantern curled up not too far away, candle flame was brightly lit, a gorgeous magnificent main hall across from the eyes. This palace’s floor area was very big, it felt like comparing to the Beijing Forbidden City’s construction, it was even more magnificent, or rather, looking at the Forbidden City’s was with the type of a tour’s mentality, things changed with the passage of time, already realized it was not the same grandeur imperial household. Looking at the palace before her eyes now, palace maids, palace eunuchs, imperial bodyguards, cabinet ministers, everybody was so real, Zhuo Qing had a sense feeling of indescribable and dazzling.

Lou Xi Yan lightly held Zhuo Qing’s hand, lowly asked: “What is wrong? Feeling unwell?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, sighed and said: “No, just somewhat tired.” Thinking back to herself during the time of the tour at Forbidden City, then looking at herself now, people’s fate unexpectedly could be this bizarre to this extent!

Looking at her mood that was suddenly gloomy, her eyes displayed exhaustion, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “Very soon, after the banquet is done by half, we will leave.”

Lou Xi Yan’s tenderness was comforting, it made Zhuo Qing smiled, was not she always flexible in the past? This was already a fixed fact of a matter, still be melancholy for what?! Secretly breathing, Zhuo Qing effortlessly took a step forward, she was walking while saying: “I am fine, let us go, you do not need to worry, I will remember to bow my head.”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, he really should not let her to disguise as a chamberlain, because there was no chamberlain who would walk in front of the master! (Hahahaha…). She, would never learn how to act as a servant forever, there was no need to be either.

Both people were walking on the same direction and passing the main hall, there were already a lot of officials who gathered and came early, everyone was exchanging conventional greetings to each other. Catching sight of Lou Xi Yan who came, immediately letting out a path for him, continuously cupping their hands to give courtesy. Lou Xi Yan__ nodded to return the greetings one after another, advancing to the gate of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing was always lowering her head, bowing to keep walking forward. Soon, one pair of pure black boots stopped in front of her eyes.

“General Su.” Lou Xi Yan’s distinctive and muffled voice that carried a smiling expression echoed.

“Prime Minister Lou.” A cold low sound that made people to tremble without any reason.

“General Su of the North returned, it could be said with high meritorious deed and hard work.” Lou Xi Yan and this black boots’ owner were chatting, Zhuo Qing’s eyes that were almost closed out, suddenly opened, General Su? The man who had the third Qing Family’s sister, Zhuo Qing could not help to raise her head, wanted to carefully look at this legend who was able to move unhindered into the six countries, the formidable general!

This man could not be regarded as handsome, burly physique and very tall, actually still taller than Lou Xi Yan by half a head, tanned skin, like satin black hair, the hair was half bundled wildly on the back of his head, no hat, also no hairpin. Sharp eyebrows, bright eyes like stars, stone carved liked face showed his bold personality, dressed in dark gray gown (chang pao), completely without ornament on his body. Taking part in this palace banquet, all of the Daren were dressed up meticulously compare to him, he simply looked like he did not come to attend the banquet. It was just that there were also some people on this earth, even if there was no magnificent clothing, people still did not dare to ignore, that type was the one who endured the long battlefield, the bloody rain and foul wind (a reign of terror) that washed out the arrogant appearance, in what way could not be hidden in it.

Su Ling steadfast face, did not have any expression, merely and voluntarily answered: “Prime Minister Lou is too modest, only Su mou’s (again the same mou 某 that LXY called himself in the previous chapters) duty.”

Only saying some words, he suddenly acutely looked towards Zhuo Qing’s direction. Zhuo Qing was frightened, hurriedly lowered her head, oh no, she was already very low key to look at him, like this could also be discovered?

Up front, Lou Xi Yan’s usually low voice echoed: “General Su, please.”

Entering the place, only Lou Xi Yan and his Imperial bodyguards, nothing more, Su Ling coldly withdrew his line of sight, the same heart still lingered, he obviously sensed a peeping gaze just a moment ago, unfortunately had to make him dodged.

“Please.” Accompanying Lou Xi Yan together, both people entered the inside of the palace hall.

Fortunately Lou Xi Yan obstructed her promptly, Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed a little, good sharp eyes, good compelling person with imposing manner. If Gu Yun was the third Qing Family’s sister, meeting this person needed only one expression to sufficiently make a man’s feeling trembled, in the end……. Heavens’ blessing, ok!!

Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling entered the inside of the palace hall in succession, the civil and military officials also followed to enter after them. The entire Qian Yang’s palace hall, palace maids, palace eunuchs were busy traveling back and forth. Two women who dressed up as palace maids, one was in front and the other was on the back, were hiding behind the outside palace hall near the big upright stone, throwing a look at the inside of the hall from time to time.

“Princess, we are not allowed to be in this occasion, you are still dressed up like this, if the Emperor blames her……” Princess Chao Yun’s personal maid, Xiao Lian with a bitter face, looking at her own dress that was the same as the Princess’, her heart was in a mess. From afternoon up until now, she already spoke until her mouth was dry, Princess absolutely paid no attention to her, how could this be good?!!

Yan Ru Xuan’s gaze was only watching attentively at that direction near the main hall’s gate where a disappearing tall silhouette was located, paying no attention, she said: “This many people at the palace banquet, Imperial Brother will absolutely pay no attention to me.”

She just knew that Princess would talk like this, followed Princess’ gaze to look, did not need to guess, also knew who she was looking at now. Xiao Lian’s eyes were bright, in whispering, she said: “Princess, it will be better to let this servant guards the outside of the palace hall, when Prime Minister Lou comes out after the end of the palace banquet, this servant will immediately invite him to go to Qing Xuan palace hall, you must not go in!” Was it not that Princess came just because of Prime Minister Daren, if only she could persuade this brat, what was she doing already!

Hardly covering up the melancholy in her eyes, Yan Ru Xuan stammered and answered: “If he agreed to go, he would already go earlier.” It had already been a long time since he entered Qing Xuan palace hall, sometimes she really wanted to ask him why? Did he really dislike her this much? But when she was looking at his clear and cold eyes often, she could not ask the question, just afraid that she could not accept his answer.

Xiao Lian tightly pulled the corner of her lower clothing, Yan Ru Xuan was impatience, and said: “Fine, if you see afraid, just go back to the palace, ok.”

Hearing Princess got angry with her idea, Xiao Lian hurriedly and lowly called out: “Princess said to go anywhere, this servant would also go anywhere!” She was the Princess’ personal maid, if her Master had any mistake, where could she, this personal maid hide?!!

Feeling comforted with the nodding head, then grabbing Xiao Lian’s hand, Yan Ru Xuan deeply breathed, said: “That is good, just go in now.” She needed her to strengthen her courage!

Xiao Lian’s heart cried piteously, but there was also no way, could only enter together with Princess into that crowded Qian Yang palace hall!

Two people pretended to be calmed to go along with the crowd to enter the inside of palace hall as palace maids, Xiao Lian pulled Yan Ru Xuan who finally stood at the palace, glanced around properly for a moment. Xiao Lian’s happy voice said softly: “Princess, you look, Prime Minister Lou is over there.”

Facing the front of the main hall to look, Lou Xi Yan sat on the front table, he turned back to whisper to the Imperial bodyguards from time to time, his face still had that faint warm smile. She could not control her heart that was jumping wildly. Bowing her head to look at the wrist that had a glossy emerald green jade bracelet, Yan Ru Xuan nibbled her lips, raised her feet to walk over towards Lou Xi Yan’s direction.

Fortunately, Xiao Lian’s eyes quickly shifted, captured her hand, pleadingly said: “My good Princess, you just stay here to look, ok, you will be discovered if you step forward again!”

Struggling several times, Xiao Lian was not willing to let go, Yan Ru Xuan’s face sank, coldly narrated: “Ben gong (similar to I for Imperial families) wants to say something to him, you wait here.”

“Yes….” Princess was already so angry, fully aware that she herself could not persuade her, Xiao Lian only softly let go to release her hand.

Looking at Princess who was walking to the side of the palace to approach Lou Xi Yan all the way, beautiful silhouette as a precarious butterfly. Xiao Lian lowly sighed, Prime Minister Lou was just a lump of raging fire, Princess would still also throw herself at him.

Chapter 36: Attended The Banquet

Chapter 38: Palace Banquet (Part 2)

Sian’s note:

I’m actually kind of surprised with Su Ling’s descriptions. I have never thought that he is not a handsome man by any mean. When I read the descriptions for the first time, I was like ‘what?, he’s actually not a good looking man’. hahaha…


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  2. Thanks for the chapter! 😃

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    (Exalted RPG stats, in case you were wondering. Seemed appropriate. 😉)

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  3. I guess this is a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I don’t think Su Ling is Qing’s type. (I feel like Gu Yun has agonized over how handsome she finds Su Ling with a “YOU STUPID OVERLY PERFECT AND HANDSOME MAN!!” type of feeling.) I think it’s really cute though that Qing took one look at Su Ling and decided “huh. well that’s a match made in heaven for Gu Yun.” I guess she knows her best friend’s preferences quite well! XD

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    • Remember in the previous chapter, ZQ thought that mo bai was actually a good looking man, however she also said that he wasn’t her type. So ZQ actually likes the handsome “foxy” type like LXY but not the handsome “cold” type like mo bai. Hehehe… But I do agree that ZQ definitely knows what type of man her best friend will like…

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      • Haha I’d like to think that ZQ’s definition if handsome is more like beautiful handsome (like biseinen) and SL is more like a rugged handsome hahaha
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  4. I have a picture of SL in my mind and no matter what the author states, he is handsome and manly and sexy! LXY though is classy, shrewd to the eyes and classically handsome. Now, let’s get to that bold and beautiful princess. How badly will LXY burn her?

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    • Hahaha… I like that attitude!!! I have nothing against a manly guy that obviously has a lot of charisma as a general. I was just shocked with ZQ’s description of him. That’s all… Like Andy said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so everybody’s description of “handsome” will be different.

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      • Very true Sian! I bet all the readers have different versions of SL and LXY in their minds. I think SL would be a bit like King Thranduil, that hot piece of Elven a**. Now pardon me while I go nosebleed in the corner like a creep.

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  5. Thanks for chapter!! I really really like both LXY and Su Ling but that Yan Hong Tian!! omg I think he’s the most unlikable hero. Poor Qing Feng get stuck with him : (

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  6. what ..
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    • I know right? That was why it blew my mind away when I was reading it and I kept thinking to myself, was this right? Did I understand it correctly that he’s so not “handsome”? I couldn’t even wait until Din2 edited it, I gave her the sentence to Din2 right away to make sure that my understanding was correct 😳


    • I think, honestly, for the majority of women standards, Su Ling may not be handsome. But I don’t know because I can’t imagine what Su Ling looks in real life. A famous general with high charisma but yet it isn’t considered good looking… We know ZQ thinks Mo Bai is a pretty good looking guy. Obviously LXY is a good looking guy too. Even Qi Tian Yu seems to be a decent handsome looking guy but he’s more in a playboy good looking side. That’s why I’m quite surprise when she says that Su Ling can’t be regarded as handsome… However though, obviously according to Gu Yun, he’s quite good looking as she likes those types that are rough, tough, high skill in martial art. 😃


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