Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 36: Attended The Banquet

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


The beginning of moonlight, sunshine had not dispersed warm, bright moon already blossomed to produce gentle feelings, nightfall of the Huan Yang city. Fading away the daytime’s clamor and complexity, it still appeared as the first city of Qiong Yue’s heritage and the unique atmosphere of the monarch. Leading to the road to the Imperial City, sedan carriages, chariots were in endless streams, it was clear how majestic the palace banquet would be tonight.

The government officials’ horse chariots were many, but among these, one chariot however seemed to be different to attract the eyes, the essence of the woven silk fabrics interweave with gold threads to make and become the dark red body of the chariot. Both sides were embroidered with golden silk cloud patterns, four color uniform fine horses pulled the shaft, entirely were floating with golden ray, thus it was not an eye catching reason for the gorgeous, rather every chariot that went through its body side of the chariot, sedan chairs were all unconsciously slowed down. Nobody had the courage to travel side by side, merely because this chariot’s owner, precisely the current Qiong Yue under one person but above ten of thousands of people’s Prime Minister__ Lou Xi Yan.

“Are you sure this way is possible?” Staring at the half leaning against the body of the chariot while closing his eyes to rest’s Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing uncomfortably pulled the overhead of the strange hat. They said that this gray dust Chinese style gown (paozi) was the lowest grade of eunuchs’ clothes, next, it was actually ugly, mainly this big hat was pressing her uncomfortably, but one thing was good, her face was almost covered by the brim of the hat, unable to see her appearance clearly.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, slowly opened his eyes, pulled down Zhuo Qing and absentmindedly pulled her hand, smilingly said: “Be at ease, after we enter the palace, I will let the palace’s young court eunuch to bring you to your elder sister’s garden, this occasion today, your elder sister will not attend, whatever words you want to say to each other, you can chat slowly, wait until the banquet is finished, I will send someone to go and get you.”

He dressed up very formally today, light blue trim robe (chang pao-traditional Chinese dress), buttoned jacket embroidered with silver silk woven of the men’s clothing to match with the purple golden hat. Originally, he already had these handsome features, graceful manners background vividly and thoroughly, but in between his eye brows still displayed faintly exhaustion from time to time. Zhuo Qing sincerely said: “Lou Xi Yan, thank you.” Qing Feng’s identity was only a gift, however he took a lot of trouble for her in this way, Zhuo Qing was impressed by this man’s bearing.

However, feeling touch was only maintained for one second, because the next moment, Lou Xi Yan buckled her fingers, softly smiled and said: “If Feng-er agrees to call me Xi Yan, I will be happier than hearing these two characters ‘thank you’.”

What was this?! Zhuo Qing secretly cursed, she threw off his hand, perked up a crafty smiling expression, Zhuo Qing looked like she was patting a puppy, softly patting Lou Xi Yan’s cheek, laughingly said: “Xiao Yan Yan, be obedient, do not push your luck!” (得寸进尺-de cun jin zhi, an idiom that literally means to win an inch, want a foot. Like LXY isn’t satisfied with a small gain). Wanting to make somebody more nauseating with the appellation, she would not sink behind the man~

Xiao Yan Yan~~ Lou Xi Yan’s face was momentarily petrified……

Looking across the smiling, swaying and willful woman, the corner of his mouth was raised, he himself had not paid attention to pamper and spoil anybody, Lou Xi Yan lightly shook his head. On this earth, she was perhaps the only person who dared to make fun of his name like this, ok.

“Master, we have arrived at the palace gate.” Mo Bai’s muffled voice came from the outside of the chariot.

“En.” Lou Xi Yan faintly responded, he was facing Zhuo Qing to gesture a silence signal. Zhuo Qing pushed down her willful laugh, nodded her head clearly.

The guards at the palace gate naturally recognized Prime Minister Lou’s chariot, did not dare to neglect, the chariot merely stopped at the palace gate, then conveniently traveled to inside the palace slowly.

Entering the palace wall, the external appearance was conspicuously very peaceful, could listen to the passing by chariots with people from time to time, but the sound was entirely and extremely soft. Zhuo Qing could clearly feel the change of the atmosphere, oppressive and hard, a woman living inside the palace like this was absolutely not an easy thing. She hoped that the person whom she would be seeing was Gu Yun, but again, she wished it was not her at the same time.

Zhuo Qing was silent, the chariot went to one section of the road afterwards, slowly stopped.

Mo Bai’s voice echoed once again: “Master, Xiao Liu Zi has arrived.” (That name Xiao Liu Zi wasn’t actually a name. They came from characters 小六子-Xiao (small) Liu (number 6) Zi (child), it’s like a nickname that MB called him. I think the kid was only 6 years old, thus, the nick name of Xiao Liu Zi).

Lou Xi Yan lightly lifted the curtain, took the lead to get down from the chariot. Zhuo Qing also followed behind him, arranged her clothing, directly jumped to get off of the chariot. Lou Xi Yan laughingly shook his head, was she really the Qing family’s young lady? He had genuinely never seen any girl from a wealthy family with this kind of behavior.

Lou Xi Yan got off the chariot, one gray silhouette came out from the side of the tree and bowed, slightly tiny voice quietly paid respect and said: “Xiaode greets Prime Minister Lou.”

The sky was extremely dark, he was continuously half bowing, Zhuo Qing could not see his appearance, but looking at the body shape and listening to the voice, it could not be more than 10 years old boy.

Pulling Zhuo Qing to step forward, Lou Xi Yan softly explained and said: “You take her to Qing Ling’s courtyard immediately, guard the outside, after the palace banquet is finished, take her to the north palace gate.”

“Prime Minister Lou…..” Xiao Liu Zi crawled on the ground, his voice was somewhat trembling.

Lou Xi Yan’s pupils were slightly shimmering, he already guessed that the matter had changed, holding Zhuo Qing’s hand on the hallow of his palm, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What had happened?”

Kneeling on the ground, Xiao Liu Zi with a trembling voice answered: “Qing Beauty attended the Emperor last night, and angered Dragon Yan, already demoted as a palace maid, in the evening time, the government’s domestic affair took away the person.”

As it turned out, Qing Ling was already conferred a title as a beauty, but how was serving one night could anger Dragon Yan. It looked like Gu Yun’s talent and fiery temperament, Zhuo Qing’s back was cold, urgently asked: “Where is she now?”

Xiao Liu Zi slightly lifted his head, only saw this youngster’s hand that was pulled by Prime Minister Lou’s hand tightly, already knew that this was the type of person who could not be offended, hurriedly lowered his head, terrifyingly replied: “Xiaoren does not know, Xiaoren does not really know.”

Lightly waving his hand, Lou Xi Yan tranquilly said: “You can go, let Head Housekeeper Fang investigate, how is Qing Ling now, where the person is.”

“Xiaode immediately go.” Xiao Liu Zi got up from the ground, ran away in an instant.

Lou Xi Yan looked at Zhuo Qing, only saw her brows were deeply locked up, mistakenly thinking that she was anxious about her elder sister, lightly patting the back of her hand, comfortingly said: “Do not worry, you will surely have the news about your elder sister by tomorrow.”

Besides nodding, Zhuo Qing also did not have any other way, in theory, if Lou Xi Yan could not find a person, it would be more impossible for her to find that person. Bowing her head to look at herself, this strange dress on her body, Zhuo Qing bitterly smiled and said: “What to do now?”

Lou Xi Yan’s thin pupils lightly raised, lowly smiled and said: “I take you to experience Qiong Yue Imperial Palace’s banquet, what do you say?” Qing Ling was nowhere to be found, he also could not let her get lost inside the palace, bringing her by his side was the best plan.

“Ah?” Zhuo Qing was startled, with regards to this so called banquet, she was never interested, ok……. Unfortunately, Lou Xi Yan was not really asking for her opinion, but hearing him swept a glance at the side of the Prime Minister manor’s Imperial bodyguard, towards the thinnest Imperial bodyguard, said: “Take off your clothes.”

“Yes.” That Imperial bodyguard did not even think of it, the movement was efficient to pull down the robe from his body, respectfully handed it over.

Strategically passing the clothes in to Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan pulled her to the side of the chariot, smily said: “Go and change the clothes.”

Zhuo Qing helplessly climbed to enter the chariot, she also did not know what to do inside the palace, just went to experience this so called Imperial banquet, ok. Casually putting the clothes to cover her body, then removing the hat that made her unable to breath the air easily, Zhuo Qing climbed out of the chariot once again.

The clothes seemed to be a little big on her body, Lou Xi Yan had already pulled her sleeves of the garment, naturally helped her to roll the sleeves up. Mo Bai’s peaceful blue eyes showed a trace of peculiar, but very soon regained the serene.

Zhuo Qing’s long hair was originally rolled up in a bun, that hat was removed now, accompanied by an azure cheongsam, she looked more like an elegant youngster. Lou Xi Yan was satisfied and leaned on her side, lightly smiled and said: “You just need to be obedient by my side, less raising your head and it will be all right.” That pair of eyes of her, too clear, too clear, were not a servant’s eyes, as long as she did not look face to face at other people, it would be all right.

Zhuo Qing cried piteously, lowly mumbled in repetition and said: “I… will try to.” Recalling Xiao Liu Zi’s appearance a moment ago, Zhuo Qing resigned herself not to study for a life time, only…. Will try to, ok….. “Let us go.” Comparing to Zhuo Qing’s dispirited look, Lou Xi Yan seemed rather comfortable. Leading Zhuo Qing to walk towards the direction of the main hall, but he also would not think at this time, tonight would not be so tranquil…..

Chapter 35: Really Was An Expert

Chapter 37: Palace Banquet (Part 1)

Sian’s notes:
This was one of the funnier chapters also, especially when LXY asked her to call him Xi Yan and she called him Xiao Yan Yan instead… So cute… Also for those of you who would like to have this novel adapted into a drama, did you imagine the scene when ZQ jumped out of the chariot while LXY was shaking his head to watch her? Hahahaha…. I could picture that scene in my head!!! That would be hilarious…
We’re finally getting to the Palace banquet. If you read book 3, you’ll know what will happen in this banquet. But these whole events will be split out into a lot of chapters (up to chapter 50) so don’t hold your breath too long. 😜


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  1. hmm. . .
    if imma right, the order were 1st sister to PM, 2nd sister to Emp & 3rd sister to Gen right?
    so did [Xiao Yan Yan] doesn’t know that his ‘wife’ is the eldest one? so he say that he will bring her to her elder sister?

    plz correct me if imma wrong.

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    • The Emperor always wanted Qing Ling which was the eldest sister. Qing Feng (middle sister) was supposed to be given to Xiao yan yan and Qing mo was to Su Ling. However, there was a mixed up during the “delivery”. Qing Ling which was Zhou Qing was given to Xiao yan yan instead and Qing feng was given to the emperor. At this point, nobody knew about this mixed but they would find out in the next few chapters. So as far as Xiao yan yan knew, she was Qing feng so that was why he referred the sister who resided at the palace as her elder sister because he didn’t know that the woman who always with him was actually Qing Ling while the one at the palace was the real Qing feng.

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  3. So that’s why she was dressed as a guy XD
    Can’t wait till it gets closer to the incident at the banquet. I’ve been waiting to see her POV on it!
    Thank you so much for the chapter as always!

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  4. Thank you!
    How witty is ZQ, I love the nickname she gave to LXY, I hope it is going to remain in the book, even in the forum everybody seems to have adopted Xiao Yan Yan!
    But you mentioned almost 15 chapters for the banquet that is very long, compared to book 3 where it lasted only a few chapters, I wonder why it is so long!
    Oh well, as long as I have cute moments between ZQ and XYY, I am happy and looking forward!

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    • Because of the banquet is where ZQ will show off her skill once again. Plus the author likes to drag things. Hahahaha… There were times when I had to scream at Qian lu because I was just frustrated with her dragging the story with so many unnecessary words. 😂


    • It was just the way ZQ teased LXY. In modern time, it’s very common for your family or close friends to call by your third name, then you repeat this third name & sometimes they will add Xiao. It’s more intimate. So say that you Chinese name is Lou Xi Yan. So it’s common that he will be called Yan Yan by his family or Xiao Yan. The way of this calling is very very informal. So when ZQ calls him Xiao Yan Yan, it’s just a joke since the guy is a prime minister of a dominant county and yet this woman dares to call him so informal. The reason why ZQ calls him Xiao Yan Yan is because she doesn’t like him to call her Qing-er which is also an intimate calling in the ancient time. So essentially ZQ is a petty girl & she takes a “revenge” by calling him Xiao Yan Yan because he calls him Qing-er.

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