A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-9

“Oh, yeah.” Gu Yun thought about her second aim in coming here. She pulled out a pale green box from her sleeve, gently placed it on Su Ling’s table and smiled, “This is not my order. I give it back to you.”

Su Ling coughed lightly. He was a little bit uncomfortable to say, “It was yours.”

Gu Yun puzzledly looked at Su Ling who now looked down at the diagram. He said, “I gave it to you.”

Gu Yun raised her brow and smiled, “Why are you giving me a gift for no apparent reason?”

Putting the box in front of Gu Yun, Su Ling pretended to be calm and said, “This expedition used many of your strategies. This buyao is my thank you gift to you. Now, can you accept it?”

Oh, it was like that. Gu Yun generously laughed, “Thanks, I will accept your intention but not the gift. Anyway, it isn’t suitable for me.” Such beautiful jewelry, sending it to her was wasteful. Gu Yun pushed back the case.

Heaven knew it was the first time he gave something to a woman and she actually didn’t want it?!  He must be crazy when he thought to give such an ungrateful woman a gift! Su Ling stared at Gu Yun and coldly said, “I’ve given it to you, so it is yours! If you don’t want it, just throw it!”

His lips said so, but ‘just see if you dare throw it’ was written clearly on his face. Gu Yun laughed, was this man actually sending a gift? And not threatening someone? Grabbing the box, Gu Yun couldn’t help but tease as it was very rare he was this awkward, “Well, I will go and throw it out.”

Sure enough, eyes sharp as knives shot at her! Gu Yun happily went out.

Watching the slim figure go out to the courtyard and put back the box into her sleeve, Su Ling stiff lips suddenly formed a smile. Unfortunately, Gu Yun suddenly turned around and shouted, “Oh yeah, I will write another IOU for you for the remaining 90 liangs.”

Su Ling’s lips froze that instant! Damn, this woman was still talking about IOUs!


Hua Hall.

“Take it back, take it back. Why would you write an IOU for this little sum of money? I don’t want it.”

Su Yu threw her IOU far away like it was some disgusting thing. Gu Yun was dumbfounded and asked, “Have the both of you always been this generous? Until now, your family still hasn’t fallen destitute. It is probably because heaven still protects your family.”

Su Yu glared at her. She thought that General Manor’s money was really easy to spend! If the one who spent it wasn’t her, how could he be so generous? She really treated good intentions like trash!

Su Yu didn’t accept it (IOU). Gu Yun also didn’t pick it and just let the IOU fall near her feet. She smiled, “Whether you want to accept it or not is up to you. After all, as long as I remember it, it should be fine.” She wanted to go out. The best way to deal with the Su family’s men was not to reason with them and just do it!

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  2. thank you!
    lol, they really are brothers! the middle brother pro—bably wouldn’t act this way! but what su yu thought is true, though! it’s only her getting special treatment, no other woman woukd be able to spend the money like this, ahaha! hm— gu yun as a strategist and trainer at general manor? interesting—!

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