A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-8

“Stop.” Hearing that she would go borrow money from Su Yu and return his money, Su Ling became angrier. He pushed the IOU and coldly said, “Take it back.”

“Wait until I borrow money from Su Yu to pay you back, then I will take it back.” One hand gave the money, one hand took back the IOU. This was fair.

The fairness in Gu Yun’s eyes angered Su Ling, “ Qing Mo! You are now living in the General Manor, so you are a person of General Manor. You using the General Manor’s money is natural. You don’t need to make IOUs, understand?”

Under this abnormal situation, ‘Slow’ Gu Yun, of course, didn’t know the implication of Su Ling’s words and kept insisting, “I have lived and eaten here for free. This is already embarrassing enough. I absolutely cannot take your money too. You just take this IOU first, I will pay it later.”

Damn! This noble arrogant man roared because of Gu Yun’s stubbornness, “I said you don’t need to repay it!” What was actually in her mind? Why could she live like a normal woman for a day?! Was using his money that hard?

What was he roaring about? Gu Yun didn’t understand. Wasn’t repaying one’s debt a right and proper thing? Knowing that both of them were angry, Gu Yun was lazy to argue with him. She indifferently replied, “I’ll put the IOU here. It doesn’t matter if you tear it up. Regarding the money, whether you want it or don’t want it is your problem and whether I pay it or not pay it is my problem.”

Gu Yun didn’t have time to turn around, Su Ling already roared again, “Stop!”

Gu Yun cursed. Why was this man so sentimental! Coldly staring at Su Ling, she originally thought if he said one more thing about the IOU again, she would go crazy. Unexpectedly, Su Ling asked, “Did you buy those combs for Qing Ling and Luo Xi Yan’s wedding?”

Gu Yun was surprised. She nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Su Ling suddenly lowered his head and waved the diagram aside. He dismissively said, “Coincidently, I haven’t bought anything and also didn’t know what to give them. The celebration kept me busy. Just make the combs as our gifts and take this IOU back.”

“I…” Our gift? No matter how Gu Yun heard it, it still felt weird, but she didn’t know what felt weird.

Gu Yun wanted to open her mouth again, but Su Ling looked up and straightly looked at her while saying, “Don’t be so petty! I’m a big man. I don’t know how to choose a gift for them.”

Before, when a friend married, she had also bought a gift together with her colleagues. Sending it together shouldn’t be a problem, right? Gu Yun thought about it again. Finally, she nodded and said, “Okay, just think of it as you chipping in.”

Su Ling secretly sighed. This woman was really hard to deal with. If he went head to head with her, it certainly wouldn’t work. As long as he went soft/humble a bit and she didn’t keep on mentioning the IOU, it should be fine. After all, in war, everything was fair.


11 thoughts on “A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-8

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  2. thanks—!
    lol, he finally twisted things around to make it so that gu yun was convinced! yeah…she doesn’t think of herself as a person of general manor, certainly! ahaha! though it’s not liek she dislikes the place or anything. she still yearns for him, though.

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  3. Hehe~ he forgot something there.. it’s “in war , everything is fair” (*´艸`*)

    Yeah.. i know.. i’m late..
    But hey, better late than never


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