A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-7

“Good,” Gu Yun lazily replied.

When Uncle Ming presented her the items, she realised besides the square red case, there was another green case. She opened the case and saw an emerald green buyao. It was elegant and beautiful. It made refined sounds when you gently shook it. The entire buyao was beautiful.

She put the buyao carefully into the case again and smiled, “I just ordered the combs. This buyao isn’t mine.” The hairpin was beautiful and somewhat familiar, but she didn’t buy it. At this time, Gu Yun had completely forgotten that she had been holding the buyao while listening to the gossip.

Uncle Ming replied, “These are what General commanded this elder servant to bring over here. Other than that, this elder servant doesn’t know.”

Gu Yun waved and didn’t insist, “Go and do your things. I will find him myself.” With Su Ling’s bad temperament, it was better for her to just directly speak to him. She shouldn’t make things difficult for an elderly person.

“Yes.” Uncle Ming was relieved and retreated.

Gu Yun looked at two boxes on her table and thought. A few months ago, she didn’t buy anything because she basically didn’t really like to spend money and she was busy with training soldiers and investigating cases. Therefore, she didn’t have time to think about money. She didn’t know when would she find the gold bagua, so she would be stay here for an indefinite time. She couldn’t use the Su family’s money like this. She should seriously think about ways to earn money.


Study room.

With the upcoming celebration, a large number of foreign envoys, nobles, and merchants were coming to the Capital to offer congratulations. To ensure the safety, many patrolling guards must be employed. However, to show peace and prosperity, soldiers couldn’t just walk in the street. This deployment made one’s headache. Su Ling looked at the imperial troops’ deployment map, silently analysing. At this time, a light footstep arrived inside the study room.

Su Ling looked up. A plain white paper appeared before his eyes. Taking the paper, Su Ling quickly read through the paper. He stared at Gu Yun’s ‘of course’ face and asked, “What is this?”

“An IOU.” Gu Yun replied very seriously, “I heard you helped me to pay the remaining balance that I owed. This is the IOU for 160 liangs. Today, I also asked for 150 liangs from Su Yu. I will give him an IOU as well. When I have the money, I will return it back to you. However, it may not be very soon so just put an interest on it.”

“Who told you to make an IOU?” Su Ling, who had been in an irritable mood because of the deployment diagram, was struggling to pent down his emotions. His tone was a little bit angry.

Gu Yun felt strange and also impatiently replied, “I don’t have the money, so I could only make an IOU. If you don’t agree, I will go and borrow money from Su Yu to pay you first. Then, I will pay him later.” She turned around to find Su Yu.


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  2. thanks for the chapter!
    ah, gu yun’s righteousness and consideration for others is great! lol, an IOU, good idea! indeed, su ling probably wanted her to thank him and accept his gift!

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  3. Awww…. Su Ling gave jewel to Gu Yun. Stop treating her as Barbie doll and just act, General! Swept her of her feet.

    Thank you for the chapters. I wish you luck for the tesis. May God bless you with a great grade.hug.

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