A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-6

The two staff members looked at each other. Taking a deep breath, they took the case and entered the prestigious manor. They had just walked into the gate when the guards immediately snapped, “What are you doing?”

The two quickly stopped. One of them raised the case and respectfully replied, “This lowly one is Jin Yu Liang Yuan’s staff. General Manor’s Miss asked us to send it here.”

“Miss?” The guard hesitated for a moment. He didn’t respond for a while.

A small soldier beside him whispered, “Is it Miss Qing? Do we need to ask Uncle Ming?” This morning, Miss Qing went out. It was probably the things she bought because there was no other woman in the Manor besides her!

“En.” The guard nodded. Facing the two staff members he said, “Wait outside first.”

“Yes.” They immediately retreated out. At this time, a big tall figure went through the gate. They almost crashed. Fortunately, the coming man quickly moved aside.

The small soldier looked at the coming man and quickly stood straight. He said, “General!” Seeing the general, the staff quickly looked down. They didn’t dare to even look at Su Ling’s face.

Su Ling frowned and asked, “Who are they?”

Seeing his unhappy face, the soldier quickly reported, “Reporting. They are Jin Yu Liang Yuan’s staff. They said, someone in this manor had ordered things from them. It is probably Miss Qing who ordered it.”

Things that Qing Mo bought? Su Ling, who wanted to go in, quickly turned around and asked the staff, “What is it?”

The cold voice was clear but not so scary. Yet, it made people couldn’t help but be frightened. The staff person swallowed his saliva and respectfully said, “A pair of white jade combs. Miss said it is for a wedding gift.”

Wedding? At this time, Su Ling remembered that her sister’s wedding was coming in few days. No wonder, she went out to buy stuff. He stretched his hand and said, “Give it to me.”

“Yes.” The staff carefully presented the box to Su Ling. Su Ling opened the box to see. Inside, there was a pair of white jade combs, about the size of a palm. They were placed against a red background, emphasizing their white color. Closing the box back, Su Ling didn’t ask for the price and just ordered the small soldier, “Take them to the accountant to get their money.”

“Yes.” The soldier led them to the side door. Su Ling suddenly said, “Wait. Was there anything she fancied?”

The staff thought for a moment and replied, “At that time, Miss was holding an emerald jade buyao for a long time.” (It is kind of like a hairpin. The ornament shakes as you walk. Bu= step, Yao=shake.)

“Send that buyao over later too.” After that, Su Ling took the case and stepped into the inner court.

“Yes.” The staff secretly relieved. Fortunately, they had good vision and didn’t offend that Miss.

After eating out, Gu Yun slowly came back in the afternoon. She propped her cheeks and leaned on the table. Gu Yun self-mockingly thought, being a noble miss was really not a suitable position for her. Before when she was investigating a case, a day felt like a flash. She really wondered if there were 48 hours in a day instead of 24. Now, a day felt like a year! Just as her mind was wandering around, Uncle Ming brought a case to her. He said, “Miss, the items that you’ve ordered have arrived.”


5 thoughts on “A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-6

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  2. thank you!
    ahaha, su ling came at a good time! lol, oh my! he wants to get her something, too? unfortunately…there’s a misunderstanding. gu yun was only listening to the ladies gossip, and was not particularly interested in the buyao…

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  3. The cold general is becoming thoughtful 😍 I wonder, how’d swoony will it get when they ” fall ” in love….

    Thanks much 😘


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