A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-5

Gu Yun smiled and freely said, “Then, I cannot say anything. I don’t have enough money now. If tomorrow they are sold out, then they are sold out.”

After that, Gu Yun took back the purse and was ready to leave. The woman before suddenly said softly, “Truthfully, Miss, you could give them a deposit and let them send it to your house. At that time, you can pay the remaining bill.”

Gu Yun’s eyes shone and looked at the staff. She asked, “Could you do that?”

The staff nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Gu Yun was relieved. She smiled, “Well, you take these things to the General Manor.” When Gu Yun said ‘General Manor’, the staff was shocked and the woman was also slightly stunned for a moment.

“Is it General ZhenGuo Manor?” The staff carefully asked. (It is a title: Zhen=guard, Guo= nation)

Gu Yun thought again and replied, “It is, I think. It is Su Ling, that general’s manor.”

She could address the General Su’s name casually. She must be the general’s relative. When hearing Gu Yun asking how much to deposit, the staff quickly replied, “20 liangs will be enough.”

Gu Yun opened the purse and pulled a twenty liangs draft. The staff took the draft and quickly replied, “I will definitely send this to Miss this afternoon.”

Gu Yun nodded and replied, “Thank you.”

The man bowed again and replied, “Bu Gan.” (Bu= not, Gan= dare; it is another way to say you’re welcome, but also showed the one who said it humble his/herself.)

Looking at the quietly standing woman, Gu Yun smiled, “Also, thank you, Miss Yu.”

The woman nodded and smilingly replied, “You’re welcome (You’ve been courteous).”

Her tone was more distant than before. Although Gu Yun didn’t understand why, seeing that the other person didn’t want to speak with her again, she just said, “I will go first,” and went out.

Waiting for that black figure to exit the “Jin Yu Liang Yuan” store, the small girl servant quickly opened her mouth, “Miss, doesn’t General Zhen Guo Manor have no women? But then, looking at her dress, she isn’t really woman-like. No wonder she can stay in the Manor.”

The woman laughed and warned, “Your piece of mouth! Some day that mouth of yours will offend people.”

The little girl shrugged and didn’t look afraid.

Her black clothing, her high bun, her casual smile and her cool behaviour. This kind of woman, even she couldn’t help wanting to get closer a little, could she? Yu Han Dan looked at the street. Secretly guessing, what was her position in the General Manor?”


Outside of General Manor, with the young elites guarding its entrance, even if ordinary people walked passed the Manor, they didn’t dare to speak loudly. Everyone knew that there were no women inside the General Manor. The three generals were not very easy to deal with. Although Jin Yu Liang Yuan store’s staff had entered many noble houses, including that of royalty, but they had never entered this Manor.


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  2. thank you!
    oh, the woman helped, huh,great!
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