A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-4

The woman took a look at the tray and said, “In a wedding reception, you could deliver your wishes to them by giving them things such as a colorful glass as a congratulatory gift. If it is for family or a close friend, you could send a jade comb or gold hairpin as the gift.”

Jade comb? Gu Yun felt it was quite good. She and Qing were the same in that they rarely wore jewelry. A jade comb would be both good-looking and practical. Gu Yun took a sparkling white jade comb and smiled, “Thank you, Miss, for your suggestion. I will take this jade comb.”

The girl behind the miss laughed and said, “Who would just give one comb? Only lovers would do so. A congratulatory gift should be a pair!” Although she deliberately lowered her voice, everyone could still hear it clearly.

“Fu-er!” The miss glared at her before facing Gu Yun and apologetically said, “Her household’s lessons were not strict. Please don’t put it in your heart, Miss.”

Gu Yun presumed a beauty should be like this, even while glaring, she was still beautiful. Carelessly, Gu Yun said, “Never mind.”

Finding another jade comb on the tray, Gu Yun handed it to the staff beside her and said, “Help me wrap this pair of combs.”

“Yes.” The staff took the combs and went out.

At this time, the woman just took a piece of carved jade from the tray. A half-open lotus was carved on it. This would be the piece that she was eyeing before.

What a gracious woman! Gu Yun gently smiled, “Pardon me, may I know your name, miss?” This woman was not only beautiful, but she also had a gentle aura that made others comfortable to be around her. Gu Yun couldn’t help but want to know her name.

The woman slowly looked up and said, “Yu Han Dan.” (Yu= Jade, HanDan= Lotus)

Yu Han Dan? Gu Yun gently raised her brow and smiled, “What an elegant name. I am called Qing Mo.”

The woman friendly nodded, “Miss Qing.”

At this time, the staff came back with a well-wrapped delicate case and said, “Miss, I have wrapped it for you. The total was 180 Liangs.”

“Oh.” When Gu Yun went out early this morning, Su Yu asked Uncle Ming to give her a bag of silver taels. Although she had been here for months, she could only recognise coins and banknotes. She didn’t know how to configure a silver tael to liangs. She gave the bag to the staff and asked, “Are these enough?”

The man nodded. He was a bit embarrassed when he replied, “You are still short 30 liangs.”

Gu Yun frowned. Her face didn’t look too embarrassed. She thought before replying, “I only brought this much today. How about… You keep it for me and tomorrow I will come back with the money?”

The staff was in a difficult position when he replied, “We have a rule to not hold the goods. These pair of jade combs are a couple. I’m afraid tomorrow when Miss comes again, we will have sold out.”


8 thoughts on “A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-4

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  2. thank you—!
    that woman is indeed interesting! oh, not enough money? yeah, there’s no need to be embarrassed. it’s not liek she’s lacking money, just lacking money now. oh well, now then…what’ll happen?


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