A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-3

Gu Yun frowned. She had survived, why would she commit suicide? Gu Yun was a little bit angry. Coincidently, the staff had brought a tray of jade ornaments and said, “Miss, these are good items from the store. They’re suitable for birthdays as well as gifts for weddings. Please take a look.”

Gently waving, Gu Yun was slightly impatient when she replied, “Okay. Put it there. When I see something I like, I will call you.”

“Yes.” Seeing Gu Yun’s not so good expression, the staff didn’t stay at her side but retreated to the door side. Gu Yun played with the things on the tray. She was somewhat absent-minded. However, her ears kept listening to the women’s dialogue.

“Truly evil! This Fang family is famous for their kindness. Every month, they would treat patients for free for five days. A number of poor people were saved because they donated medicine. How could they encounter such a problem? Is it real?”

“Who doesn’t want it to be untrue?! This is what Mrs. Wang personally said it to me. Her dimei (little brother’s wife) was Yi Jun’s saozi (big brother’s wife). This matter can’t be fake!”

“Well, the celebration is coming. How could the capital become so unstable!”

After listening to several sentences later, Gu Yun estimated they wouldn’t say anything good anymore. Gu Yun was ready to concentrate on selecting gifts. Suddenly, the woman in purple anxiously said, “I heard the murderer is a foreigner. His hair is white!”

“White hair? Just hearing that makes people scared!”

White hair? Gu Yun held a hairpin. She didn’t know why, but her mind suddenly thought of a silver strand in the eyes of a solitary figure. Then she thought again, thinking she was being ridiculous. People like Ao Tian, even if he killed people, he would not do such a thing. Those cold arrogant eyes didn’t look at any woman.

“Miss, which one do you actually want to pick?” Gu Yun was still thinking when a blunt clear female voice entered her ears.

Gu Yun recovered her thoughts and saw an elegant beauty standing in front of her. On the clear face, a pair of bright eyes were staring brilliantly. She emitted a gentle aura,

“Fu-er, don’t be rude.” A soft woman’s voice came from behind the young girl. The girl pouted. She didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Seeing a small conflict between the ladies, the staff quickly came forward and smiled, “Miss Yu. These items had been presented to this Miss first to choose. This lowly one will find other accessories for you. Our store has just received new products!”

Gu Yun saw the jade ornaments’ ‘rearrangement’ that she made on the tray… messy. She was slightly embarrassed and smiled, “Never mind, I really don’t know which one to choose. If there is anything that Miss likes, just take it.”

The woman didn’t take any and just lightly smiled, “Miss, you want to choose a gift for someone, don’t you?” If she was choosing it for herself, as long as she liked it, she would have just taken it. She didn’t need to be so careful. Seeing her clueless look, she must want to send it as a gift.

Gu Yun nodded, “En. A wedding gift.” This woman was surprisingly observant.


5 thoughts on “A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-3

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  2. thank you!

    well, sometimes, the fear of what society would think overwhelms a person. people should really be taught that they should not care about society, and that living a life following your conscience is what is most important. society’s not always right…and is not as important as people are ‘taught’ to believe.

    hm, this woman?who?

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