A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-12

Gu Yun naturally didn’t know that he had her discuss military matters because Su Ling only wanted to find some work for her, so she seriously gave him a suggestion, “Actually you have been leading the Su Army for quite a long time and have been fighting in many wars. Your main mode of fighting is to put two troops in the frontline. There are tens of thousands soldiers in the Su army. If you want to give each of them special training, you will need to spend a hell of a lot of money. You could choose 30,000 elites and specially train them so that they can fight calmly and deal with the enemy in any sort of circumstances. They can fight together with the army and also perform independent raids like sieging.”

Gu Yun finished speaking and paused for a second. She looked hesitant. Su Ling saw her hesitation, so he took the initiative to say, “Please continue.”

After a while, Gu Yun said, “In an army like the Su army, there is a need to form a special force to do special tasks. Everyone in this special force should be the best of the best and can independently make huge destructive impacts, spy behind enemy lines, steal information and assassinate enemies. They must be equipped with the best materials and their abilities should be prominent. The most important thing is they do not belong to any troop in the Su army. There should be only one person who could command them. That person is you.”

Su Ling was surprised!  His black eyes narrowed and stared at the Gu Yun’s calm face. Seeing the complicated look in Su Ling’s eyes, Gu Yun suddenly understood the cause of alertness in his eyes. She shook her head and laughed, “You don’t need to be that nervous. I didn’t teach you to rebel. To be more elaborate, if you really wanted to rebel, a group of special forces wouldn’t be enough. In some sense, soldiers and swords are similar, both of them are weapons. A weapon doesn’t judge right from wrong. The most important thing is the person who can recognize their use. Making this kind of special force is my idea. Whether you think it is feasible or not, you should slowly consider it.”

Gu Yun indifferently shrugged. She only gave him a suggestion. Whether he wanted to listen to it or not was entirely his choice.

Standing up, Gu Yun picked up the towels that had become ice blocks and put them next to a barrel. Gu Yun lamented, she had always cherished her weapon. Before, she used to take care of her gun. Now, it looked like this method couldn’t be used on Bing Lian.

Gu Yun was busy with the things in her hands that she didn’t notice the pair of eagle eyes had not moved away from her.

“I think what you said is good. This was also the thing that I wanted to discuss with you.” Maybe, at the start, he was only looking for something that could be given to Gu Yun, now it looked like he changed his mind.

After cleaning up, Gu Yun heard Su Ling’s deep voice behind her. She turned around and with a slightly disbelieving voice, she asked, “You want me to help you train the soldiers?” It was not like she didn’t believe in her ability, but she didn’t believe that Su Ling would ask her to train a special force.


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  2. thank you very much—!
    well, it’s great that she seriousky gave him a suggestion! lol, rebelling! who needs that? you think being an emperor is fun? if the current empror is fine, then being a general isn’t bad at all, ok!

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