A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-11

Yi Tian Court.

Perhaps because no one had lived here for a long time or that the courtyard was never designed to have chairs and tables, in this huge courtyard, there was not even a single place to sit at all. Under the moonlight, a woman sat on the floor. Her hands were holding a long white sword. Near her feet, there was a pile of…. ice?

“Bing Lian, please behave for me. Don’t release such a cold air anymore! This is the third towel that you have frosted. If you keep on doing this, I will not clean you again in the future!” Holding a wet towel, Gu Yun severely warned, even though her opponent was a sword.

Under the moonlight, the pale white sword flashed a bit. Feeling extremely wronged, it restrained its cold air. Gu Yun picked a damp towel and rubbed it attentively. The towel still formed a thin ice layer, but fortunately, it didn’t turn into an ice block. Gu Yun satisfyingly took the damp cloth and gently wiped the blade.

A man was standing outside, watching the scene. His face was decorated by an obvious smile. She actually scolded Bing Lian to not release its cold air. It was a thousands-year-old ancient sword that was forged from everlasting ice. How could it not release a chilled air? Furthermore, over the years, he had never heard of a person who bathed Bing Lian!

Su Ling walked into the courtyard. The moonlight made his tall shadow longer. Gu Yun looked up at him. She obviously could see a smile in his eyes, but she didn’t complain. She naturally smiled back, “Please have a seat.”

Su Ling quickly assessed the place. Besides on the ground, there was nothing that he could sit on. Not saying anything, Su Ling also sat on the grass like Gu Yun.

After Gu Yun wiped Bing Lian and put it back into its scabbard, she said to Su Ling, “Please wait.” After that, she stood up and went to the inner chamber. Soon, with her hand holding a piece of paper, she walked to Su Ling’s front, “This.”

Sweeping through the contents of the paper, he wasn’t surprised. It was an IOU again. This time, Su Ling didn’t reject it. He took the paper and put it in his sleeves. He seriously said, “I came here to discuss with you about business.”

Su Ling was so readily taking the IOU, Gu Yun was somehow unaccustomed to it. Hearing his serious tone, Gu Yun curiously asked, “What business?”

“Su Army has always been brave in the battlefield. However, this time’s expedition made me think that the Su Army’s training is monotone, so the form of fighting was also limited. I hope to increase their training programs so that they will be able to win despite encountering different enemies or different environments.” Su Ling had thought for a long time. If he randomly gave her a trivial job, she would ignore it. During the battle with the rebels, he had seen Qing Mo’s interest in military things. In addition, she also had the capability, so he would let her design the training course. She would most likely agree to this.


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  2. thanks!
    -claps- gu yun treating bing lian normally! how wonderful! so cute! haha, su ling’s amused too!
    well, that is truly the right job for the right person! su manor army, prepare to become even moreof an elite army than ever before—-!

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