A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-10

Gu Yun’s face was firm. Su Yu couldn’t help but curse, “Could you not be so awkward? If you wanted the General Manor’s money, just go to the accountant and take it. Why are you making up problems when there are none?!”

Gu Yun ignored him and kept asking, “In your Qiong Yue, how could a woman earn money?” To be honest, she still wasn’t clear what women in this era could do.

“Why you are so stubborn? Did you not understand my words?!” Su Yu stood up and turned his back to her. He didn’t speak to her again.

Gently raising her lips, Gu Yun deliberately sighed and replied, “If you don’t want to say it, I will ask Luo Xi Yan later.”

“Why do you want to ask him?!” Su Yu was really angry. If she really went to ask Luo Xi Yan, people would think that their General Manor couldn’t even feed a woman. It would be really embarrassing! Knowing this woman would not give up until she got the answer, Su Yu could only reply, “A woman can earn money by becoming someone’s personal maid, servant or selling hand-embroidered work. All of these are really not suitable for you.”

Gu Yun frowned and shook her head, “It looks like I’m not really suitable to do things that women do.”

“Indeed!” Su Yu was finally relieved and drank a mouthful of tea.

At this time, his ears heard an excited voice, “I should just try to do men’s work.”

“Pffftt…” The tea was sprayed out. Su Yu almost choked to death, but Gu Yun ignored him.

She smiled beside him and continued, “Becoming a bounty hunter shouldn’t be too bad. It’s profitable and also suitable for me.” She remembered a girl called Ye Mei who was also a bounty hunter. Her reputation was also not bad. She could just try it. After all, investigating cases was her strong point. However, her skill in chasing after criminals was a little bit weaker (than her investigation skill). She should just try and see it.

Finally able to stop coughing, Su Yu lamented, “Suitable your ass! Great Aunt, please don’t torment people again!” (Great Aunt=姑奶奶. It is an exaggerated address to a woman to say she was mighty).

Seeing his sorry state, Gu Yun laughed out loud.

There were constant laughing sounds from Hua Hall inside. Outside Hua Hall, a man who just wanted to come in paused. His straight brows were wrinkled. His face was full of frustration. How could she not torment people?! Su Ling rubbed his head, which ached. Well, since she really wanted to earn money, he should find a thing for her to do.

At any rate, he absolutely couldn’t let her become a bounty hunter!


8 thoughts on “A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-10

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  2. thank you!
    lol, i like gu yun teasing su yu, so funny! ooh, her as a bounty hunter? that’d be interesting! also, she could work with ao tian and i’d start shipping them! -shifty eyes-
    they’re all hilarious!

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