Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 12: Autopsy (Part 2)

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Once Zhuo Qing finished talking, everyone immediately looked at the dead body. That’s right. His clothes were cleaned and well-ironed and his shoes were spotless. But his hair was somewhat carelessly bound. Not to mention that he was a criminal in prison for two months, how could he have new clothes and shoes?

Wu Zhi Gang asked loudly: “Where was the bailiff who guarded the prison last night?”

One medium build man stood aside silently next to a small bailiff. He hurriedly stepped forward one step and whispered: “Yes, it was I (Xiaoren) and Liu Wu.”

“What’s the matter? How could he change into new clothes?”

The bailiff sheepishly replied: “Report back to Daren, Lin Family’s housekeeper Li Ming came to visit Lin Bo Kang yesterday night. He scolded Lin Bo Kang because he did not wash his face and rinse his mouth for so many days. He hoped to deliver one set of new clean clothes. We saw them as master and servant with deep emotions. He also only brought the clothes. We let him to go in but he only stayed inside for one incense stick time (about 30 min) and then he left.”

One incense stick time seemed somewhat too short to kill someone.

After being silent for a while, Lou Xi Yan asked in a low voice: “After Li Ming left, you all could go in to check on Lin Bo Kang whether or not he was still alive.”

Although Lou Xi Yan had not gotten angry but the small bailiff still did not dare to raise his head and watch him.

He closed his eyes anxiously to tell about yesterday’s situation: “Answering to Prime Minister, when Li Ming came, it just so happened that it was windy and raining. The biggest storm. The tree outside of the prison was blown by the wind and fell down to smash the outside of the prison door. We were occupied to carry the branches. A moment later, Li Ming came out and still helped us to move them together. He left afterwards. Then at that time our clothes were drenched and we had to change our clothes. It was already very late at night. There was no patrol in the prison cell until just recently when Daren wanted to bring the criminal. Only then we found…” He was dead…

“One group of idiots!” Wu Zhi Gang’s palm was resting on the small bailiff’s official hat. These group of brats unexpectedly made a fool of himself in front of Prime Minister Lou. It probably made Prime Minister Lou to believe that he was this kind of person that couldn’t supervise and control the prison!

Lou Xi Yan absolutely did not see him in this situation and said heavily: “Li Ming.” Li Ming was the last person to see Lin Bo Kang alive. He surely knew what happened!

“Yes.” The small bailiff hurriedly ran to go out.

The dead body was still laying on the ground like that, it was really somewhat scary for some people. Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly pandered and said: “Prime Minister Daren, this dead body’s examination was done and there was a heavy yin air in the prison (from yin-yang, yin represents dark while yang represents light/bright). You should first rest in the lobby. Do not get infected by the bad luck.”

Lou Xi Yan turned around and just happened to see Zhuo Qing’s eyes that were watching at the dead body tentatively. She already stepped out of the prison cell but stopped when Lou Xi Yan suddenly asked: “What do you say?” Asking one youngster this question seemed ridiculous, but Lou Xi Yan’s intuition thought that this youngster’s answer would not be the same.

“I…” Zhuo Qing hesitated for a moment. However, knowing that the cause of death of the deceased was suspicious while watching without doing anything were contrary to her professional ethics and code of conducts.

With a sigh, Zhuo Qing answered: “I want to go in to have a look.”

“Impudent!” This was an eccentric youngster who was at the main hall a moment ago. He wanted to make a noise on this situation now.

The bailiffs were about to throw him out when Zhuo Qing was trying to come into the prison cell.

Lou Xi Yan’s mood was rather good and he smiled when he spoke: “Let him go in.”

After Lou Xi Yan spoke, Wu Zhi Gang was not happy but also did not dare to oppose it. After all, Lou Xi Yan had so many years of experiences in the officialdom and he could see that Prime Minister Lou extremely favored this youngster ah…

Zhuo Qing entered the prison cell and squatted down beside the dead body. She swept a glance at the neck that had bruises. Then Zhuo Qing used her fingers to stretch and enter the deceased’s hair. She delicately inspected the head and afterwards lifted up the neck to examine the back of it. After looking at it, Zhuo Qing paused and pressed the mouth of the deceased for a moment, a trace of saliva flowed out along the lips.

Sure enough, just like what she expected, Zhuo Qing held the deceased’s arm. It was slightly hard and couldn’t be bend completely. The dead body was very stiffed. Obviously rigor mortis (when the limb of the corpses is stiffed after 3-4 hours after death). She pulled up the sleeve of the garment and there was livor mortis (discoloration after death) on his arm. Furthermore, there was some crisscross bruises but they looked like old injury. The interrogation under torture to extort a confession should be a fact.

Zhuo Qing looked carefully. In the eyes of Wu Zhi Gang, she just liked to make trouble without a reason, deliberately making things complicated. He did not feel like looking at her.

Wu Zhi Gang seized an opportunity to face Lou Xi Yan and analyzed: “Prime Minister Daren, based on what I (Xia guan was the original word used) saw and since this was already ascertained to be a suicide, Lin Bo Kang’s case should be closed early. It should be premeditated early by Lin Bo Kang to request Li Ming to come over and deliver clean clothes so that he could use the belt to commit suicide.”

Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled but did not speak. His gaze just stayed temporarily at Zhuo Qing’s body. Wu Zhi Gang felt embarrassed.

Actually Zhuo Qing did not disappoint him at all. She did not easily and repeatedly throw out a sentence: “What if it was not a suicide?”

Not a suicide? Lou Xi Yan smiled was even bigger. He just knew that this youngster would give him a nice surprise.

Wu Zhi Gang just stared blankly.

Wang Bing Sheng took a lead to shout: “Nonsense!”

Where did this youngster come to unexpectedly dare to call the outcome of his inspection in front of the Prime Minister Daren. How could he endure this?! Going to the side of the dead body and pointing at the neck, Wang Bing Sheng was staring at Zhuo Qing and said: “If he was hung after he was already dead, the bruises on the neck would be white and they were not purple! The four limbs of the dead body would naturally hang down and the feet would look like colored patch burning bruises. This was precisely the biggest proof that he hang himself! You do not know anything so don’t talk nonsense!”

Completely ignoring his shouting, Zhuo Qing slightly lowered her head and in a low voice called out: “That blue eyes guy, you come here and help me for a second.” Not having any assistant was so inconvenient! The blue eyes guy, Mo Bai stared blankly all of a sudden. Finally he walked to squat down next to Zhuo Qing. Following her command, he gently rolled the dead body over.

Mo Bai unexpectedly would help her. Lou Xi Yan actually did not expect that the indifferent and unfeeling Mo Bai’s heart would move and he was willing to help. For what reason was this youngster’s order could move him? Lou Xi Yan was looking at Zhuo Qing’s back calmly. He was waiting to watch what good show he would be producing.

Getting a complete ignorant from this truly nobody, Wang Bing Sheng swallowed his voice and did not open his mouth to criticize anymore.

Zhuo Qing looked at the dead body’s back and faintly asked: “If the person is strapped tightly while he loses consciousness first and then hangs on the beam of the roof, isn’t the dead body’s mark will also appear the same?”

“This…” Wang Bing Sheng was immediately speechless.

Not letting him ponder over too long, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her hand and coldly said: “I just asked you, yes or no!”

Under the brim of everyone’s strict line of sights, Wang Bing Sheng’s mind was panicking. He had a second thought, however the other side was just a youngster. What was there for him to get panicky? Gently coughing to cover up his confused mind a moment ago, Wang Bing Sheng loudly answered: “This was a possibility, but this was simply your guess. What evidence did you have that he was strapped while he lost consciousness?!” He wanted to see what capability this youngster had!

Evidence? Zhuo Qing sarcastically smiled and suddenly got up.

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