A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-9

Gu Yun was well prepared. She coughed a bit and smiled, “General Su is talking about this matter. Then, I can only defend myself. You’ve mentioned about ‘Military order’, I’ve never said it was a military order. I only said that it was your intention. They treated your intention as a military order, this can only tell how respectful they are towards you. You should be happy. Saying that I am faking the information, you haven’t married anyone. In the future, it is a sure thing that you will marry someone. From the beginning, I am not your Madam and you are against them calling me ‘Madam’. I only conveyed your intentions, how could it be said that I am faking the information? Or does General wants them to call me ‘Madam’?”

The last sentence made Su Ling lose his words. Saying yes it was not the case, saying no it wasn’t also the case. Finally, Su Ling could only bitterly reply, “You are being irrational!”

Gu Yun’s pair of hand waved. She helpless laughed, “If you want to charge me, I can’t do anything. You are the Great General. In this General Manor, is your words that matter. I cannot help.” The black paperweight caught Gu Yun’s attention. Gu Yun suddenly changed the subject and smiled, “However, I shouldn’t use your name before discussing with you. In the future, I will pay attention.” She couldn’t forget her aim coming here. She must find out the relationship between golden bagua and Su Family. She really didn’t want to stay at this awful place anymore!

Gu Yun suddenly lowered her stance, surprising Su Ling and making him forget his answer. She also could show her weaknesses??Did she play a trick again? 

Gu Yun did not apologize and not wholehearted. She naturally spoke fluently. She pretended to inadvertently get up and looked at Su Ling’s written word. She took the paperweight while sighed, “It’s been a long time since I practiced calligraphy. Soon, I will not know how to write anymore. Your calligraphy is great.” The first sentences were just vain words, but the last one was truth. Su Ling’s words were casually written but it was smooth, any people who saw them couldn’t help but praise them.

Su Ling leaned his back against the wooden chair. His hawk eyes staring at the woman’s movement. When did she ever praise him? This must be a trick.

Su Ling didn’t reply her words, Gu Yun was also lazy to put an act again. She put down the paper and took the paperweight again, playing with it on her hand. She asked, “What a good paperweight, this pattern is very familiar.”

Familiar? Su Ling quietly asked, “Have you seen it before?”

Of course, she saw it, but this was not a confession time. Gu Yun deliberately pretended to think. After a while, she smiled, “I remembered. When I was sick, I don’t know which room Su Yu put me into. In there, there was a big painting. The pattern was similar to this. Why does your family like this pattern? Are there any significant reason?”

Oh, it was like that. Su Ling carelessly replied, “It is Su Family emblem. Legends said that it can shelter Su family descendants. Su Family ancestral house and Su Army’s war flag would be printed with this pattern. It was not a surprise that you’ve seen it in Su house.”


5 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-9

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  2. Thank you!
    Ahaha, she trapped him with those words about whether he wanted people to call her ‘madam’! Smart!
    She can finally ask about the bagua,but…as i suspected,it seems to only be some sort of emblem. But that ‘shielding’ thing though…gu yun was sent to shield the su family?!wahaha, nice!

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  3. “When did she ever praise him? This must be a trick.” ROFL. Oh, Su Ling, you have no confidence when it comes to her! She does think highly of your skills; it’s just that she doesn’t tell you!

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