A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-8

Study Room.

“Had she moved out?” placing the brush back to its place, Su Ling asked an elder servant who was pouring him a cup of tea. He just randomly asked the question without prefix or suffix.

He has been serving the General Manor for his entire lifetime, it could be said he’s watched Su Ling grow up. Uncle Ming knew who the person Su Ling asked for was. He whispered back, “Miss Qing had moved in. This elder servant had done according to General’s arrangement to purchase some female clothes for Miss Qing, but Miss Qing put it back and said… she couldn’t wear it.”

Su Ling frowned and waved his hand, replying, “Put it back.” He could not possibly imagine her dressed like a lady!

“Yes.” Uncle Ming quietly retreated and went towards the door. Su Ling suddenly called, “Wait.”

Uncle Ming stopped and respectfully stood aside, waiting for Su Ling’s order. Long after, Su Ling coughed once and said, “Why don’t you call her ‘Madam’ anymore?” These days he always heard the servants calling her Miss Qing. As far as he knew, they’d been calling her ‘Madam.’ Su Ling felt something was wrong. Uncle Ming was an elder servant. He would be relatively reliable and wouldn’t speak non-sense.

Uncle Ming looked down as if he was thinking how to answer. Su Ling felt more suspicious and lightly said, “Speak.”

Uncle Ming embarrassedly replied, “Miss said… This is general’s command.”

Su Ling eyes squinted; he continued to ask, “What else had she said?”

“She also said that general had someone on your mind and soon will marry her. Therefore, the servant should not call her Madam, or else… Military discharge.”

Thump! Uncle Ming heard Su Ling’s big hand hit the table. His heart jumped up to his throat. Everything about this master of his was good, except his temper… was a little bit bad. After he became general, he was easily angry.

“She said it like that?!” Su Ling’s voice was not high, but it was really cold, Uncle Ming didn’t dare to speak and just nodded.

“Go, call that woman here immediately!” A low roar was accompanied with a dark face. Even people who were not clever could tell the general was angry again.

After an hour, Gu Yun had still to come. Su Ling who had an originally furious temperament became crankier because of the long wait. Gu Yun’s foot had just stepped into the study room, she had already been greeted with a scolding, “Your courage is becoming bigger by days. Faking military order could result in punishment. Do you know it?”

Before Gu Yun came, Uncle Ming had secretly briefed her a bit. He said the general was angry because the ‘Madam to Miss’ issue and asked her to be careful. Therefore, she had been psychologically prepared. She slowly entered the room and sat on a large wooden chair. She faintly smiled, “General Su, please don’t be angry! You put a crime behind my name, would you let me know what I am guilty of before I die?”

She was pretending to be a fool. Su Ling asked, “When did I say I want to marry? When did I order that if anyone called you Madam, they will be discharged?”


9 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-8

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  2. Wow! That’s a fierce reaction in dropping the ” title ” unauthorised 😍I love Su Ling.

    Thanks thanks for all updates 😘


  3. She really did move out of her pavilion! It’s hilarious, but Su Ling is starting to get the hang of Gu Yun! He knew she would need an actual argument to comply with his order.


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