A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-7

The “Good morning” that was already in Gu Yun’s mouth was swallowed again. Her good mood had also vanished. Did he have nothing to do this morning that he came here to fight?! Her originally-not-so-good temperament flared up. She furiously asked, “Why? Did I lose my freedom to this degree? My exiting the general manor, should it be approved by you and should I report my whereabouts?”

“Where did you go last night?!” Su Ling’s teeth gritted. A night patrolling soldier reported that there was no one in her pavilion and the gatekeepers also said that she didn’t go out. The men he sent to search in the manor didn’t see a sight of her. Although that Su Mu Feng had been captured, but who knew whether he was really the murderer or not?!

What qualifications had he to ask her whereabouts? Gu Yun snorted and walked straight to the inner room. When passing Su Ling, her wrist was hurt, Gu Yun couldn’t not stop her steps. A furious growl beside her ears said, “You’ve drunk!” Although it was only a hint of alcohol, however after a night, it was still so obvious. She must have been drinking a lot last night.

Gu Yun simply couldn’t go. Standing opposite of him, she coldly smiled, “Yes, I did. I also slept on the treetop in the mountain behind. What did you think?”

“I should be the one who asked you this question!” Because of worrying her a night, she must be very happy! Last night, Su Ling was worried about her safety, so he sent people to look at the imperial city for a night. Now, it seemed it was simply ridiculous!

Su Ling’s good intention was treated badly. He was angry. Gu Yun didn’t know what had he done for her and just thought that he was looking to disturb her. Therefore, she bluntly said, “Ridiculous! Did you come here this morning to punish me? I didn’t know that your general manor had a rule not to drink or stay a night in the mountain. Please let me see the rules! I may put them on this big door! I didn’t know which one I am guilty of!”

“Qing… Mo…” In the war of words, Su Ling would never defeat Gu Yun. In addition, he didn’t want to admit that he had been worried about her for a night. Therefore, now he could only glare at her, wanting to wring her delicate neck!

“(Hissing sound)…” It hurt! Gu Yun broke away from the general’s hand. Her wrist immediately showed 5 red fingerprints. It could be imagined how much strength he put just now. Gu Yun secretly cursed. What a damn rude man!

Seeing the visible fingerprints on her wrist, Su Ling’s anger finally subdued a bit. He asked, “Starting from today, you will move to YiTian court.” This place was too close to the mountain behind and she was very wild. It was better for her to move to Yi Tian court. It was nearer to LingYun pavilion (where he lives), so he could notice her movements.

Gu Yun was still very angry. How could she listen to him? “I’m not moving. This place is fine and I’m used to live here.”

Su Ling had anticipated her answer, so he deeply replied, “I want to build an army storage for weapons here. You must move out.” He really intended to build a storage, but he originally wanted to build it next to the training field. Now, it appeared, this place was better!

“Weapon storage?” It looked like he went to see her this early morning to talk about this matter. Didn’t this manor already have a storage room? Gu Yun wanted to ask him, but Su Ling’s big tall figure strode away.

“Hey!” Gu Yun called again but Su Ling didn’t turn around.

Crap! She knocked her head. Gu Yun lamented, didn’t she want to ask him about that golden bagua? Why did it become a fight!


11 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-7

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  2. Thanks a lot!
    Really, he was just worried, but he had to say it in such an angry manner. Of course gu yun would think that he just wanted to find fault. Su ren, your presence is needed—! -shakes head-

    Liked by 2 people

    • Right!! I would really like for them to be on the same side. I just wonder when that will happen– (as far as the soldiers etc they are). I love everything that has happened but she never really gets to see the caring side of Su Ling, well except for the river rescue. And given his super cold and big boss status– where would he ever learn how to actually speak civilly to her. I guess she will be the one to teach him, but all she wants to do is go back home. She reads everyone else so well but can’t figure out Big Boss. but then again it really does seem she is indifferent to Big Boss Su Ling. Ahhhh love the authors writing. And thank you for translating this awesome story.


    • True (nods..) Worst of all gu yun is a dense person so su ling needs to slap into her face that his worried so it would register to her unfortunately our beloved male lead is a tsundere so there’s no way he’ll do that..but they really suitred to each other…(hoping qing to help her to improve her eq)


  3. “This place was too close to the mountain behind and she was very wild. ” Dahahahahahaha! ROFL. That was so funny! Why is she compared to a wild creature when she’s so rational?! I love their bickering, I do.

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