A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-6

Gu Yun suddenly sat up and saw the small ‘net’ underneath her body. She couldn’t help not to have a cold sweat. She had been sleeping on the treetop for the entire night! It was very fortunate that she didn’t fall to her death!

Just when there was still lingering fear in her heart, Gu Yun just realized that around the place she slept, branches were thicker. Her eyes followed the branches’ origin. She found a pair of long legs standing on a different main branch. She looked further again, to see a ‘thousand years silent and cold’ face that was looking at a different direction.

Ao Tian? Did he accompany her for the entire night?

“You…” Gu Yun just opened her mouth when a profound voice interrupted her words. It was still as cold as usual but sounded a little bit rush, “I’m waiting for the sunrise.”

Sunrise? Following his gaze direction, the fiery red sun was indeed rising. The red glow rays dispelled the darkness of the night. It was really beautiful. It turned out that he also had this ‘elegant’ interest. She still wanted to thank him, but Ao Tian didn’t even bother to look at her, as though he was deliberately avoiding her. Gu Yun was puzzled, but she didn’t pursue it. Stretching her waist, she smiled, “Then, I will not bother you watching the sunrise.”

She was sober now, her skill was obviously higher than last night. She gently jumped to the main trunk. Not caring that he didn’t pay attention to her, she faced Ao Tian’s back figure and said, “Thanks.” After that, Gu Yun climbed down the tree by herself.

Ao Tian looked down to see that flexible figure went down and rushed to the general manor. The lean figure disappeared fast into the woods. Ao Tian also didn’t understand why he was sitting here all night. He didn’t want to see the sunrise, but now he was forced to watch it because he couldn’t go down now. He struggled to move his stiff legs. Sitting like that here for the entire night made his legs numb.

Gu Yun was so anxious to come back. First, because she was feeling awkward to face Ao Tian after she stupidly fell asleep on the tree. Secondly, it was because of the golden bagua, she was afraid that Su Ling had gone out so she wanted to quickly wash up and look for him.

However, when Gu Yun went back to her room, Su Ling’s big tall figure had been standing in her small courtyard. What a coincidence, saving her time to go to find him. Gu Yun stepped forward. She had just wanted to say hello, SU Ling’s face was black. His deep voice contained unmistakably great fury, “Where were you last night?”


12 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-6

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  2. Thank you—!
    Ahaha, cute! Aw, ao tian, so sweet! The temptation to ship is real! The hustle! Ahem,yes, cute–! Stiff legs, poor ao tian! Well, in the back of my mind, i was indeed thinkibg that su ling would be pretty furious!

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  3. ” He didn’t want to see the sunrise, but now he was forced to watch it.” Hahahahaha. XD I love Ao Tian! I really am curious about what he’s thinking and what he wants to do in the end. He’s so mysterious!


  4. [SU Ling’s face was black. His deep voice contained unmistakably great fury, “Where were you last night?”]
    Dad! I’m sorry!! QAQ
    *having flashbacks


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