A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-5

Half an hour later.

The person beside him didn’t move for a long time and her breathing was more relaxed. Ao Tian suddenly had a bad feeling. He suddenly sat up and looked at Gu Yun only to find she lay peacefully on the branch, her hands were hanging and her eyes were closed, just like sleeping. Ao Tian frowned, “Hey?”

No response. Ao Tian once again called her. However, his answer was she was sleeping peacefully.

Ao Tian was stupefied. Did this woman think well? They were on a ten-feet-over tree! Even him, who possessed extraordinary martial arts only dared to lie down here (not sleeping). She was sleeping soundly like this! If she didn’t turn around she was okay, but once she turned around, she would definitely fall and die!

Ao Tian’s heart was full of fury. He wanted to shake her up and asked her whether she wanted to die. However, when his hands wanted to touch her shoulder, he suddenly stopped. Under the moonlight, her face looked so peacefully, looked so… cute. Long eyelashes cast on a pale face, forming a crescent-like silhouette. Full bright-red plump moist lips. Her dimples on her face which somewhat present and absent at the same time were not-so-obvious when she was awake. Two deep scars on her face which at this time, became so obvious to the eyes, what did she think about at that time? How could she who always be sensible and yet do this self-harming act to solve a problem? Ao Tian’s hand unconsciously touched that scar. He seriously stared at the adorable face in front of him, his heart felt strange ripples; what kind of a woman she really was? How can the gap be so big when she was asleep compared to when she was awake?

Ao Tian didn’t know how long he stared at this face. Gu Yun suddenly moved a little, the stunned Ao Tian quickly refocused and held her shoulder. Fortunately, she only moved her waist a little and didn’t turn around. Soon after she fell again into deep sleep.

She slept so soundly, making Ao Tian have a cold sweat. He slowly retracted his hand from her shoulder. His brows were slightly wrinkled. He used his legs to move several branches beneath his feet to Gu Yun’s side. The thick branches were woven into a small net, so even if she turned around, she wouldn’t fall to the ground immediately.

Leaning against the trunk and his feet was treading some branches, Ao Tian didn’t look at the woman beside him. In between the dark night sky, treads of golden ray faintly came out. The birds were starting to sing, becoming more and livelier.

The songs of birds entered her ears, Gu Yun rubbed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, it was not a white canopy scene but a blue sky view entering her eyes. She was absent-minded for a second. Soon, she recalled the things that happened last night. She just remembered that she drank a lot of wine then went to view the moon on the treetop. Then she rested for a while and finally… She fell asleep!

11 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-5

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  2. Thanks a lot!
    Ahaha! Indeed a dangerous place to sleep! Well, ao tian’s there! Also, i had to turn away and laugh when i saw ao tian describe her as cute! Kekeke! ‘can you feel the love tonight’— …hm, well, interest has taken further root!

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  3. Even I know this ship will sink I can’t help but wish they could be together. Ao Tian is much more a sweet heart then Su Ling. Better than the a$$#ole that left her tied up in the beginning then did the rubbing tactic to see a tattoo. I’m holding a grudge.

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  4. I kinda feel that Ao Tian would have liked the original Gu Yun better because he thought she was so cute sleeping. I’m hoping its because of the great contrast to her awake self that he feels interested but that might not be the case. Whenever Su Ling is describing her cuteness, its always been her personality or behavior. I hope Ao Tian steps up a bit.


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