A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-4

Gu Yun just casually said the words. Who knew there would be a touch of excitement in Ao Tian’s eyes. His husky voice sounded enchanting, “I have a good place to view the moon.” After speaking, Ao Tian stood up and went towards the jungle. Gu Yun slightly smiled. She didn’t think much and just followed him, leaving behind a big jar of wine in front of the rock walls.

The hundreds-year-old Chinese Parasol tree was flourished. Even its top branch was thick enough for a person to sit on. Gu Yun looked up and found a crescent moon on the black sky which was covered in countless stars. It was almost like you could touch them and picked them up. She’d never seen this kind of view before. How long had it been since she could enjoy viewing the moon? She almost forgot it. Gu Yun smiled, “This is a really good place to view the moon.”

Looking for a long time, Gu Yun reluctantly looked down. She found under her feet, the moonlight shone through the mountain forest. The view had the same refreshing and intoxicating likeness to the view above. Her nose could smell the faint fragrances of the trees. Gu Yun suddenly felt dizzier. Wanting to find a different position to view the scenery under her, she moved her body. The branch swayed a bit, Gu Yun quickly grasped another branch. Sitting beside her on the different branch, Ao Tian quickly grabbed her arm. The branch finally stopped shaking. Gu Yun was a bit embarrassed. She smiled, “Thanks.” It looked like she was really a little bit drunk. Her body refused to listen to her.

Ao Tian didn’t say anything, just silently retracting his hand. Gu Yun looked at his hand which was wrapped in black clothes. Suddenly recalling that he had helped her to stop the sword attack, she asked, “How is your hand injury? Thank you for saving me the other day.”

Perhaps he rarely received others’ gratitude, or perhaps, he didn’t care about other people’s feelings, his face remained expressionless and just said, “No problem.” Using his hand as a pillow, he watched the sky again.

This person’s personality was really strange! Gu Yun rolled her eyes, “Are you always this cold?”

Her question was replied by a solid cold face. “Okay. Just pretend, I never asked.” Gu Yun shrugged, talking monologue was not interesting! Ao Tian’s position was really suitable to stargaze. She felt dizzy when she sat; it was better to lie down! (lol she’s so drunk)

Leaning on the branch, Gu Yun slowly lied down. With the stars above her head, a faint breeze of greens smell and a muffled insect sounds, everything seemed so quiet. Gu Yun slowly closed her eyes, secretly sighing. Why after she came to this era, she couldn’t find normal and friendly people? Su Ling’s noble arrogance, Mu Yi’s enchantment, the mysterious woman’s secret, Ao Tian’s cold arrogance. Even that Luo Xi Yan was, in fact, a fox. 21st Century lifestyle was indeed more suitable for her. She… really wanted to go home.

Perhaps the alcohol had reached her brain or she was more comfortable now or perhaps the environment was suitable for sleeping, Gu Yun drowsily slept on the branch.


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