A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-3

Drinking a mouthful of wine again, that burning sensation felt not bad. Ao Tian unconcernedly said, “Actually, if you want to raid a prison, it is actually not a bad idea.” Su Mu Feng was an extraordinary person. If he died like that, it would be indeed pitiful.

This time, Gu Yun was ashamed. This man was the real arrogant. Prison raid was not a bad idea? Even if she didn’t have respect for the rules and judicial procedures and wanted to raid a prison, it was Xing Bu’s heavily-guarded prison, not a market which could be entered or exited whenever she wanted to. In addition, what would they do after the raid? Let Su Mu Feng and herself become the most wanted criminals wandering around the world?

Under the moonlight, he looked coldly arrogant. Seeing Ao Tian’s profile side, Gu Yun was a little bit curious, “How can a person like you become a bounty hunter?”

Ao Tian seemed to have a little interest in this topic. As the man of few words, it was really hard for him to reply “Why not?”

Leaning against the cold stone wall, Gu Yun glanced towards him and smiled, “I didn’t feel much of sense of justice in you.” The woman beside him was not the same. Although she was also cold, she could feel Ye Mei’s integrity and kindness. Meanwhile, truthfully speaking she could not sense any of those from Ao Tian.

Gu Yun smilingly continued, “I also couldn’t smell any stench from you.”

After speaking, the two suddenly thought of Gan Jing who widely opened his eyes in front of money. Looking at each other, they laughed. Gu Yun’s hand which was holding the wine was a little bit off. She had felt a bit drunk. Thinking again, she laughed, “I guess… You became a bounty hunter because it was challenging?” To choose to apprehend a criminal as a career, she could only think of three reasons: a sense of justice, money and sense of conquering. However, obviously, Gu Yun couldn’t see anything on Ao Tian’s face.

Not because of the challenge? She thought again for a while, but she couldn’t think of anything. It seemed like the alcohol was to be blamed for her brain paralysis. Gu Yun jokingly replied, “Then it was just to spend some time?”

Ao Tian’s black pupil raised up. No one could guess his expression. Gu Yun said, “Did I guess it right?”

Ao Tian didn’t speak, but a faint smile on his face told her everything. Gu Yun patted her own forehead and laughed out loud. Becoming a bounty hunter to pass the time? This was the first time she heard such a reason. However, looking at Ao Tian’s ways to do things, it was not surprising.

Didn’t know whether it was because of the alcohol effect or laughing out loud, tonight’s mood seemed a lot better. The moon gradually moved towards the west, hidden among the giant rocks. She looked up to see the sky, Gu Yun sighed and said, “Tonight’s moon is not bad, just it is a pity we cannot see it from here.”


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