A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-2

Sitting beside Gu Yun, Ao Tian thought of Qing’s and her expressions on the day when Dan Yu Lan announced the emperor decree regarding the case of lost heart. Ao Tian seemed to understand a bit why she was mad. However, she was a woman who would avenge her grudges and Su Mu Feng was very cruel. Why did she care so much about Su Mu Feng? His mind was puzzled. He quickly asked, “Do you think Su Mu Feng should be sentenced to death?”

Gu Yun’s hand which was raising up the jar paused. Did she become so obvious? She self-mockingly smiled and faintly replied, “It is wrong.”

She really had that kind of thought. This woman would desperately complete her aim if she had an aim. She wouldn’t be…. Ao Tian seriously looked at her. Gu Yun laughed, “Your expression was so serious. Did you think that I was going to raid the prison?”

Gu Yun casually said it like that. Ao Tian frivolously frowned. He had indeed had such thought before. Gu Yun felt a little bit dumbfounded. Did she look like a reckless woman? Putting down the jar, Gu Yun sighed, “Every era and every country should have laws. Even though outdated, it couldn’t meet everyone’s wishes and even if it is unfair, but it was still a fixed standard. The law is still fairer than doing self-justice, so I still respect the law. Even if I think there were problems with Qiong Yue’s law system and Su Mu Feng should not be dead, I will choose to try to modify the laws not raiding a prison. Prison raid is meaningless to me and also stupid!”

Ao Tian expression looked complex when he was looking at the natural random woman in front of him. She was a woman who talked about changing the law. Did she know even emperor could not just randomly say to change the legal system?! Although the words sounded ridiculous and unrealistic, when they were pronounced from her mouth they couldn’t laugh at her. Her voice was not high, her calm demeanor and that insolent arrogant look made it so that people couldn’t ignore her. Long after, Ao Tian’s voice with hints of laughter was heard, “You are arrogant.”

Arrogant? Gu Yun thought again. Finally, she burst out laughing uncontrollably and gave him the wine jar, “I think, it should be self-righteous and over-confident.”

Gu Yun’s self-mockery made Ao Tian’s icy lips generously smile. Unfortunately, it was dark so people couldn’t see it. Taking the wine, Ao Tian was a little bit absent-minded. This was the wine that she drank before. Would that be okay if he drank it? He looked at her again, seeing her easy-going and natural smile. The other person was so generous, what was he dissatisfied with? Grabbing the jar, Ao Tian took a big gulp. Very soon, the burning sensation travelled from his mouth to his stomach. What a strong wine!  Just before, she was pouring it into her mouth vigorously! Holding the jar on his hand, he saw the inside of the jar was depleted. This woman was so straightforward. At times, she could put men to shame.


14 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-2

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  2. Thanks a lot—!
    Ooh, kind of ship them, ahaha! Yay, character development for gu yun! Well,her thinking is certainly different! Lol ao tian being slightly uncomfortable at drinking from the same jug!

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