A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-11

Only spiritual force? Gu Yun somewhat disappointed and replied, “So the family’s emblem was just a pattern. I thought it had some origin.”

“Yes, it came from a common golden bagua.” Su Ling casual sentence made Gu Yun’s disappointed heart once again excited! There really was! There really was the golden bagua! If Gu Yun had not always calm and forced herself to restrain, she would be cheering. She forced her excitement down and calmly asked, “There really is? Could I see it?”

Su Ling shook his head. Gu Yun didn’t want to give up. With a hint of displeasure, she deliberately said, “I am more interested on this than those magical things. I will only look and not ruin your family emblem. I didn’t think that you could be that petty!”

Su Ling was not angry and just smiled, “It is not like I don’t want you to see, but the family emblem is not in the general manor.”

“Where it is?”

“Ancestral house. Every three years, Su descendants will go there once. Only at this time, we could see the family emblem.” The emblem was the entire Su family’s treasure. Naturally, it wouldn’t be in the General Manor. Furthermore, the family emblem did have a fantastic legend, but in Su Ling’s heart, it was only a legend.

Once every three years? Su family treated this golden bagua so importantly. Wanting to see it was so difficult. Wanting to see it… She was afraid, it would be hard. Since it wasn’t in General Manor, Gu Yun didn’t want to raise his suspicions. She could ask Su Yu about the location of the ancestral house. Compared to Su Ling, he was much easier to deal with.

Gu Yun looked down and thought. Su Ling thought that she was really disappointed. He thought again and said, “If you really want to see it, next spring is the day of worshipping ancestral, I… will bring you there.”

“Ah?” Gu Yun was surprised. He wanted to bring her there? She never lived in the big clan family, but she knew that this kind of ceremony was not a trifling matter. How could he just say he will bring her? With Su Ling bringing her, it would be easier to get nearer to the golden bagua. However, she needed to wait for the next spring in this manor! Now, it was still autumn, ah! This was the first time Gu Yun felt she wanted to cry.

Su Ling didn’t know her inner battle. This was a rare occasion where they didn’t fight nor argue, he was in a good mood and said, “It’s getting late, let’s have a dinner.”

“Oh.” Gu Yun absent-mindedly replied. She casually followed Su Ling and thinking how to live for the next six months…

Hastily eating the meal, Gu Yun quickly went back to YiTian Court. She sat on the window frame and watched the gradually setting sun. She was thinking what to give Qing as her wedding gift in 10 days.

Uncle Ming’s voice was heard from the outside, “Miss.”

Gu Yun was lazy to move and didn’t care about her unladylike posture. She just said, “Come in.”

Uncle Ming carried a tray towards Gu Yun. Not seeing the thing, Gu Yun impatiently said, “What is that again? In here, I’m not lacking anything. Please take it back.”

Uncle Ming hesitated for a while before replying, “General just ordered this elder servant to send this here.”

He sent people to here? Gu Yun glanced over the tray. It was brush, ink, paper and… the black paperweight that she played this afternoon.

Gu Yun was surprised. She only randomly said things this afternoon. She didn’t expect that he would find someone to send them here. Gu Yun no longer rejected it and smiled, “Put it there.”

“Yes.” Uncle Ming put the things in the inner chamber and quickly retreated.

Leaning against the window frame, she looked at four treasures on the table. Gu Yun was stupefied, how could she do calligraphy?”


36 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-11

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  2. Thank you very much—!
    Ah, so it did have a fantastic legend,just that su ling didn’t mention it! Totally makes sense.

    Ahaha, he wants to bring her to the ancestral home! Well, she’s qualified indeed, since she has bing lian,kekeke. It is also really cute how su ling’s in a good mood.

    Indeed, qing’s marriage,so i wonder,qing probably doesn’t want to go back…? Lol the calligraphy. Be careful what you say…

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  3. I wish there were a chapter where Qing and Gu Yun actually talked about how they felt being this era. How does Qing feel about marrying a Prime Minister, that kind of thing… Although it might be in the prequel book; I’ll find out eventually! Thanks for the updates ❤

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  5. Thanks for the update Nutty and editors for your proofreading work. He’s trying to woo her hahahaha. They’re just so cold with each other that causes misunderstanding


  6. Wow I an so hooked please keep translating !!!! 😍😍😍😍😆😆😆 also thanks for translating and thanks for your hard work because translation is hard. Thanks so much !!


    • Also eventually the truth will have to come out to the su ancestors, their thing would have flashes on the day they took over the bodies


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