A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-10

Afraid to make it too obvious, Gu Yun could only pretend to be interested and asked, “It is just a pattern, how can it be said that it can protect Su descendants? Or is it just a legend? Where did this pattern derive from?”

Although Gu Yun had been careful, Su Ling still felt unease. He smiled, “You seemed to be particularly interested in Su Family’s emblem.”

Gu Yun knew that she was being too hasty! Su Ling was a careful and smart man, she must have a little bit more patience.

Putting down the paperweight and half-leaning to the table, Gu Yun crossed her arms. She helplessly said, “I think it is really beautiful and delicate. Every time, I meet you, we always fight or argue. It is rare that I could find a topic to discuss with you. If you don’t like it, I will retreat now.”

Gu Yun said it like that and it made Su Ling a little bit upset. Why couldn’t they discuss well every time? It was definitely because no one wanted to give in! Seeing Gu Yun showed her weaknesses, Su Ling as a man shouldn’t be too petty. Seeing Gu Yun wanted to go, he said, “If you really like it, I will give this paperweight to you.”

Gu Yun secretly gave herself a high five. Her trick was a success. However, her face didn’t dare to reveal her inner thought. She deliberately asked, “A gentleman doesn’t always opt to win. I appreciate your thought. You looked solemn and cautious when you spoke about it. Maybe, your clan’s emblem has some secret! Let me guess, there is probably a secret treasure map or the secret to become an immortal? Or could repel demons… or… travel through the time?”

When Gu Yun was speaking half non-sense, her eyes were staring at Su Ling’s face, trying to not to miss any of his facial expression.

Unfortunately, after Su Ling finished listening, his face didn’t say anything. He even laughed out loud, “How could there be such a magical thing!” A woman was still a woman. She could even think about this kind of absurd things.

He didn’t know? Her heart was a little bit disappointed. However, Su Ling was the only one who knew the golden bagua’s whereabouts. Gu Yun still refused to give up and continued to ask, “Chi Xue and Bing Lian are very magical. That’s why I am curious towards your clan’s emblem. Perhaps it is even more magical that Chi Xue and Bing Lian?

“Chi Xue and Bing Lian are a pair of ancient swords, passing the human natural ability. For thousands of years, they have been guarding Su family. When the Su eldest son was born, Chi Xue will be his. For Bing Lian…” Looking at Gu Yun’s serious face, Su Ling paused for a moment, concealing the fact that Bing Lian would choose Su eldest daughter-in-law. He evasively said, “Bing Lian can find its own master.”

Why Bing Lian could but Chi Xue couldn’t? Also, if Bing Lian always found its own master, how could it still belong to Su Family for years? Gu Yun felt a little bit weird, but she didn’t think about it again. Su Ling diverted her attention by saying, “As clan’s emblem, it only had spiritual force. For so many years, we didn’t find anything strange. You don’t get your hopes high.”


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  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, i certainly did think that su ling did not know about any spiritual properties of the bagua! Lol, she asked about the swords! No—! I wanted her to find out about the significance! Su ren! Tell her—! Or somebody else, tell gu yun—!


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