A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-9

Zhuo Qing snapped her fingers and said, “Amongst Su Mu Feng’s students, only these few misses encountered danger. This is probably the reason!”

Cheng Hang suddenly thought of something and said, “If that is the case, then his target tonight will be…”

The three looked at Gu Yun who was still looking at the files. They only saw her nodding, her eyes excited and smilingly she said, “Me!”


In the hall, Su Ling and Su Yu were eating. Gu Yun had just returned to discuss with Su Ling, hoping he would lessen the number of night patrolling soldiers. Otherwise, with this complex and tight security, she was afraid the murderer wouldn’t dare show up! Who would have thought, she hadn’t finished explaining when she got rebuffed by Su Ling.

“Why?” Gu Yun frowned, “I’ve heard there will be celebration within a month. Your emperor wanted this case to be solved as soon as possible. We have the opportunity to catch the murderer now. Why do you refuse to cooperate?” Did he not want to catch the murderer?

“General Manor has its own rules.”  He had heard about the case of stolen hearts. The murderer was extremely cruel and cold-blooded, terrorising the capital. Other noblewomen were scared to death, yet she agreed to become human bait?! Dan Yu Lan was really impotent to employ such a method!

“Just one night.” Gu Yun naturally knew an army would know the most about discipline. She could understand that General Manor had its own regulation. However, tonight was a special situation!

“No way!” Su Ling once again refused. Did she really want to die?!

Gu Yun took a deep breath, swallowing the angry fire in her chest. She coldly replied, “Okay.”

Then, Gu Yun turned around to leave. Su Yu who had been sitting at the side anxiously asked, “Where are you going?”

Gu Yun looked at Su Ling’s dark expression as if someone had owed him a million. She replied, “I will stay at Prime Minister Manor for a couple of days. Lou Xi Yan should not have so many rules! The murderer’s target is me. He should be going wherever I go.”

After saying this, Gu Yun turned away. Su Ling’s eagle eyes squinted. He growled, “Stop!”

Gu Yun halted in her steps, slowly turning around. Her eyes met with granite eyes. From Su Ling’s side profile, his teeth were visibly clenched, showing he was trying to subdue his anger.

Su Ling did not say anything. Su Yu had begun to freak, “Qing Mo, please think clearly. You are a person of the General Manor. How could you stay at Prime Minister Manor? No way!”

Gu Yun icily smiled. Her hands were folded in front of her chest and asked, “The General Manor’s security is very tight. The killer most likely will not appear. If we let the perpetrator get away, there will be more innocent misses dead. Then, in you two generals’ opinion, how should we deal with this problem?” Who was the one who said the General Manor had its own rules? She respected their rules. Why did they still complain?


6 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-9

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  2. thank you very much!
    kyaa—! su lin, su yu and gu yun—! wait, wait! -coughs- inappropriate timing, my apologies.
    uh, yeah, gu yun, go stay in the prime minister’s manor! i sure hope the murderer comes to kill her tonight! that’ll be exciting!


  3. Hahahaha.
    I got a feeling Su Ling will agree to her request but will set a condition that he will stay close to watch over her. Heehee~

    Thankies for the chapter, nutty~


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