A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-8

Returning to TiXing Division. Cheng Hang sat on a chair and sighed, “There should not be a problem with Su Mu Feng, right?”

Gu Yun shrugged and smiled, “His attitude towards women was odd. His aunt was also strange!”

That could also be a problem?! Cheng Hang bluntly said, “The other person is an elegant person. To a woman who suddenly threw her body towards him, he would naturally keep a distance.”

Rolling her eyes, Gu Yun asked, “What he showed was a mix of courtesy, disaffection, uneasiness and even disgust. All of these are understandable. However, how could he show panic?! Is this not strange?”

Panic? Was it that serious?! He really didn’t see it. Cheng Hang was trying hard to remember Su Mu Feng’s expression. Lu Jin asked directly, “What could his panicked state mean?”

Gu Yun smiled, “I don’t know.” Panic can only show his mood, but it can’t really reveal what was the reason behind it.

Gu Yun looked at Zhuo Qing. Seeing her hold her cup without drinking, Gu Yun frowned. She didn’t know what Zhuo Qing was thinking. She whispered, “Did you think of anything?”

Slowly putting down her cup, Zhuo Qing replied, “I remembered when Prime Minister Lou’s little sister was attacked, she had physical contact with Su Mu Feng that day.”

Originally she didn’t pay attention. However, when Gu Yun mentioned physical contact like that, she also felt that Su Mu Feng had an unexplained reaction when he had physical contact with other people, especially women!

Once Zhuo Qing finished speaking, Cheng Hang quickly stood up. Leaving the sentence “I will go and check”, his figure flashed through the door.

Gu Yun’s lips raised slightly. Although this man was impatient, his mobility and curiosity were worthy of recognition.

Zhuo Qing put both of her hands on her chest. She snorted, “If the murderer was him. Then, it means he had acted like a haemophobic in front of me!”

Patting the angry Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, Gu Yun consoled her, “It’s not impossible. When we mentioned the three deceased, his face was free of guilt. No panic, nor pride. This is not a murderer’s usual behaviour. This could only mean either his acting skills were superb or that we guessed it wrong!”

If they were not mistaken, Su Mu Feng would be a big challenge for them.

Two hours later.

The sky was completely dark. They had lit several lamps in the study room. Inside, three people were sitting far from each other and looking at the files.

A lean figure rushed into the room. Cheng Hang grabbed the water pot and drank several cups of water. His legs would soon be broken from running.

Lu Jin asked, “How?”

Wiping his sweat, Cheng Hang was panting while happily nodding, “All the personal attendants of the misses said that on the day before the misses were killed, they met Su Mu Feng and more or less had a physical contact with him.”



8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-8

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  2. thanks a lot!
    my theory is that it’s a jealousy kill! that aunt xin probably has something to do with it?! well, i know, simplistic thinking, but well…crime of passion? i probably used that term wrong too…ahaha!
    gu yun…she has eyed a new possible subordinate!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I concur with midoriha, it could be a “crime of passion” due to jealousy. That would explain the ‘panic’ in Su Mu Feng’s face. But if it’s the Aunt Xin, isn’t that like incestuous obsession? Yikes~

    And what do the perpetrator do to the stolen hearts, I wonder.. Eat it? Hohohoho

    Thankies for this chapter~


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