A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-7

Unexpectedly, when Zhuo Qing stood up, she stepped on Gu Yun’s skirt. Gu Yun was only focusing on Su Mu Feng so she wasn’t paying attention to her surrounding. She stumbled forward. Fortunately, she was fast and quickly grabbed Su Mu Feng’s steady hand so she didn’t fall on the ground.

Gu Yun stood up and apologised, “Sorry.”

When she was about to take back her hand, she found that the man’s arm was trembling. Looking up to see Su Mu Feng, the usually calm eyes suddenly showed hidden tension and panic. Gu Yun was slightly surprised; she was just holding his hand!

Zhuo Qing was about to step up and asked her condition when she saw Gu Yun’s body weakly relying on Su Mu Feng’s body. Gu Yun said, “It looks like my foot was sprained.”

Was she sprained just by that? Impossible! Even if it was really a sprain, Gu Yun wouldn’t lean on a man’s chest and not get up. Zhuo Qing stepped back. She would just wait and see first.

Gu Yun could feel that when she fell onto his arm, Su Mu Feng obviously went stiff. Wanting to put her in a wooden chair, his voice was becoming colder, “Please sit down, Miss.”

Gu Yun’s eyes flashed again. Her body was still leaning completely on his arm. Her arms hugged his waist. Pretending to be weak, she said, “It hurts. I can’t walk. Please help me over.”

Su Mu Feng flawlessly took Gu Yun’s hand to help her walk. His face was becoming even colder. At this time, a fierce roar came from the outside, “What are you two doing?!”

Looking at the direction where the sound came from, an over-thirty-year-old woman was coming towards them. The woman dressed in dark blue. Her hair formed a high cloud bun (云髻). In her hair, there were several long silver hairpins. Her face was charming. Her figure was thin and tall. She was definitely a beautiful woman. However, her brows were wrinkled now, angrily glaring at Gu Yun.

Seeing clearly who was coming, Su Mu Feng respectfully greeted, “Aunt Xin.”

The woman didn’t look at him at all and straightly faced Gu Yun, “Your leg was sprained, wasn’t it? I will help you.” When she finished speaking, the woman grabbed Gu Yun’s arm, pulling her from Su Mu Feng. Her strength was extraordinary, making Gu Yun frown.

Gu Yun was almost thrown away to the furthest chair. Gu Yun quietly watched this “Aunt Xin” who just came.

Coldly glancing to Cheng Hang and Lu Jin, the woman impatiently snorted, “If you still have things to ask, please be quicker. Mu Feng still has many things to do.”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked at each other. Then, they looked at Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing shook her head. At this time, Gu Yun suddenly stood up and smiled, “There is nothing to ask anymore. Sorry for disturbing. We will go back.”

The group left the Su* house. It was almost sunset. The sky was bright red. It was really beautiful, making it hard to look away. But, no matter how beautiful the sunset was, it would soon vanish. As the dark shady sky would soon drown away all its brilliance.


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-7

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  2. thanks a lot—-!
    oh oh—-! a suspicious thing! lol, the woman practically throwing gu yun to another chair, and gu yun just immediately showing that she was lying about her sprained ankle! rofl!


  3. Ohohoho~ Could this indifferent Su Mu Feng have a phobia or anger towards women? Well, seeing as how this “Aunt Xin” seems so scary, it’s possible…

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~


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