A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-6

Gu Yun looked back. Her eyes couldn’t help but squint. The man was wearing white clothes while his steps were light. The wind gently blew his hair, revealing a handsome face. His demeanour was calm and composed. His eyes were deep and calm, easily capturing people’s attention. Gu Yun finally understood why Zhuo Qing used ‘calm and indifferent’ to describe him. He was like a cloud, giving people ‘a cold uncertain helplessness and alienated’ feeling.

Zhuo Qing nodded and smiled, “Su gongzi, is your body feeling better?”

Su Mu Feng smiled and replied, “Thank you, Miss. I’m fine.”

Gu Yun had those sharp eyes that only a few could ignore. Su Mu Feng faced the woman who was standing in the hall. She kept staring at him. He politely nodded to her and smiled. However, his pale lips only raised a bit. It was almost impossible to see.

This man was interesting. You wouldn’t think he was mannerless, but it was absolutely impossible to feel his warmth. Zhuo Qing smiled, “This is my little sister, Qing Mo. These twos are investigators from the TiXing Division.”

Su Mu Feng saw the two men on the other side. He wasn’t startled or impatient, just calmly asked, “Why did you guys come here?”

Lu Jin got up and fisted his hand in front of chest to greet, “Su gongzi. Sorry to disturb. The victims of the first few cases were your students, so we just want to ask some questions.” Even though Su Mu Feng didn’t attend the court, his reputation was excellent. Facing such refined and graceful figure, people couldn’t help but respect him.

Su Mu Feng gently nodded and replied, “Please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“When gongzi taught these misses’ last classes, did you notice anything strange?”

“No.” Su Mu Feng’s answer was simple and calm.

“How long had gongzi taught them for?”

“Miss Ci and Miss Li had received three lessons while Junzhu (It’s kind of like a princess but not emperor’s daughter) had two.” Su Mu Feng’s face remained calm and composed. He continued, “Do you need the entire list of my students and ex-students? If you need it, tomorrow, I will have someone to send it over to TiXing Division.”

“This…” Su Mu Feng was really cooperative. Lu Jin felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Yes, please!” Gu Yun’s bright voice was somewhat forceful. She stepped closer to Su Mu Feng and coldly asked, “As their teacher, do you feel anything towards their death?”

Meeting Gu Yun’s eyes, Su Mu Feng’s face remained indifferent. Despite her not being an official, he still replied, “Shock. I just hope the murderer can be captured as soon as possible.”

Gu Yun’s eyes flashed. This man’s face was too calm that she could not read anything from him. It looked like she had met a tough opponent. Gu Yun walked to Su Mu Feng’s front and continued to ask, “What do you think about the murderer’s killing method?”

“I do not know how the murderer killed, so I don’t have any opinion.” Su Mu Feng’s tone was gentle. He looked natural and his answer to every question seemed flawless. Gu Yun continued to approach. Zhuo Qing stood up, wanting to pull Gu Yun. She was a bit excessive today.


6 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-6

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  2. Hahahaha. She has been away from murder cases for a long time, and this one are brutal to its female victims, that must be why her approach is pretty aggressive to him.

    And usually when you watch CSI or detective films, it’s those people who are too emotional or too calm that are the perpetrators. I’m loving this plot!

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~


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