A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-5

Ti Xing Division.

“Did you find the cases that I asked for?”

Cheng Hang was tidying up the files on the table. He replied, “We’ve found it. If we didn’t go looking for it, we might not have noticed it. Apparently, six years ago, in the Qing Yue territory, there had been cases similar to this. There were more than 2 cases. However, it was not consecutive like this one. In some cases, the assailants were captured and executed. The others remained unsolved. They were old cases. Now, if we recount, there had been more than thirteen cases!” He had used more than 10 manual laborers and wasted an entire night going through the files before he finally found it!

Zhuo Qing was leaning on her cheek with her hand. Hearing his report, she quickly focused and asked, “Were the victims females? Closed room case? Did all of them bleed to death due to the removal of the heart? Did their faces show similarly frightened looks?” Although they were all cases of stolen hearts, it didn’t necessarily mean it was done by the same assailant!

“Yes, they were all females. There were only two closed room cases. However, whether they bled to death and were frightened or not was not recorded.” The files came from the regional report. The methods of reporting and autopsies were different. It was really difficult to compare.

Gu Yun’s index finger was tapping the table. She frowned, “Were there any other commonalities?”

“There were.” Although they existed, Cheng Hang’s face didn’t show any excitement. He continued, “Three of the victims were studying Qin (a traditional Chinese harp) under Su Mu Feng, but it is probably a coincidence.”

Zhuo Qing and Lu Qing had disappointed expressions. Gu Yun asked, “Who is Su Mu Feng?” She never heard them mentioning him.

Zhuo Qing explained, “He is Qiong Yue’s most famous musician. A calm and indifferent man. He had taught many famous families. This time, three of his students were killed while they were still his students. However, the last time I saw him, he had haemophobia and it looked real.”

Gu Yun believed Zhuo Qing’s clear judgement. However, how could there be so much coincidence in this world? Everything needed to be rechecked!! Gu Yun naturally stood up and smiled, “He is indeed suspicious. Regardless whether he is a real haemophobic or a fake, we still need to meet him.”


Su* House (A different character from Su Ling’s surname).

There was the Su* Manor, which was located in the most prosperous area in the periphery of Qiong Yue’s capital. However, this house was another Su* house inside the capital. No wonder the Su* family was known as a musician family. Even this house was also decorated with many ornaments. There was a refined aura emitted everywhere.

Gu Yun, with her usual behaviour, was looking around. She walked here and there in the middle of the hall. She was like this because she thought that a noble family would make them wait for awhile. She didn’t expect that after they arrived for a while, a deep clear voice would leisurely greet her, “Miss Qing.”  


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