A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-4

Yue Lai teahouse.

“Three thousand liangs! (Liang is a measurement of gold/money) Are you serious?!” Gan Jing’s eyes were sparkling. He swept away his usual ruffian-like behaviour and stared straight at Zhuo Qing.

It was indeed a huge amount of money. Speaking about money, he refocused again. Zhuo Qing nodded. Gan Jing quickly said, “I’ll go!” 3,000 liangs, ah! This time, Xing Bu was giving a huge amount of money.

Looking at the two calm men who kept silent, Zhuo Qing asked, “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, what about you?” Both of them were her objective today! The ones that were hurt this time were all noble class misses. The imperial guards could not be said to be weak, yet they still let the killer escape. However, seeing his high-skilled martial arts, even if the killer was found, Xing Bu might or might not be able to catch him. If these two helped, Xing Bu would have a better chance. After all, they were bounty hunters. Three thousands liangs should have enough attraction.

“I don’t have time.” The husky man’s voice was cold, and he looked uninterested.

Well, don’t need to fight with him. He had refused frontally!

The golden mask hid the woman’s expression, leaving only a pair of cold deep eyes. She didn’t immediately refuse. Her eyes were slightly squinted, coldly silent. Gan Jing pouted and said, “Senior (female), this murderer had killed four innocent women consecutively. It was really inhuman!”

From the first time he met this female senior, she always had a pair of cold eyes. Depending on her mood, she would go chase criminals for their bounty. However, she had a full sense of justice. The people she arrested did heinous acts. The bounty could not impress her but the crimes could.

Sure enough. The icy eyes flashed slightly. Ye Mei almost undetectably nodded.

Zhuo Qing was secretly relieved. Today, her venture could be considered a success.

“Knock, knock.”

A gentle knock was heard. The people in the room were looking at each other. Zhuo Qing said, “Come in.” Didn’t she specifically tell the Boss not to let outsiders bother them? Who could it be?

Unlike the polite knock, the door was quickly opened as Zhuo Qing spoke, revealing a charming figure who leaned on the door side. Zhuo Qing laughed, “Why did you come?” She was thinking to let Gu Yun sleep more, so she didn’t look for Gu Yun. However, here she was looking for Zhuo Qing.

It was her! Ao Tian’s calm eyes rippled, but it quickly disappeared.

After sleeping for a night, Gu Yun’s mood was a lot better. Her face was no longer so icy. She smiled back, “I went to the Prime Minister’s Manor to see you. Luo Xi Yan said you were here.”

“Are there any problems?”

Gu Yun didn’t rush in and just waved her hand while exiting, “You just talk first.”

Zhuo Qing smiled, “The discussion finished.”

“Let’s go to Xing Bu to talk.”

“Wait.” Just when Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun opened the door, a hoarse male voice spoke again.

Zhuo Qing turned her head around. Ao Tian’s face remained indifferent and just coldly threw three words, “I will join.”

Gan Jing’s face was full of surprise. There was a touch of surprise in Ye Mei’s cold eyes. This male senior of hers never took back what he said. What made him change his mind?

The two looked at the casual looking woman near the door. Was it because of her?


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  2. thanks—-!
    oh—? zhuo qing and ao tian are interacting, huh! lolol, ao tian’s reaction!
    -thumbs up- the two of you have the right idea! it is indeed gu yun’s presence that changed his mind!

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  3. Almost forgot Zhuo Qing is Qing Ling’s real name. (^_^) Is this murder case related to the bandits+gold case? Or is it something like a filler story?

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~


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