A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-3

Just as Su Yu was about to flip the table to vent his anger, Su Ling’s tall figure came into the hall.

“Big Brother.” Seeing Su Ling, Su Yu pressed down his anger. He stood up to welcome Su Ling. A smell of alcohol came to his nostril. Su Yu frowned, “Did you drink? Gu Yun lied to me saying that you went to the palace. I was just thinking to ask you what did the emperor say.”

Su Ling’s eyes darkened, “She returned?”

Su Yu replied bitterly, “She has returned. Once she arrived, she just went to sleep.”

She still knew how to rest! Su Ling snorted. Rubbing his sore neck, he turned around and exited the hall.

Su Yu asked, “Big Brother! You haven’t eaten, why are you leaving?” How could this plentiful table not attract people to see it?!

“Sleep.” Coldly dropping this word, Su Ling strode away.

Sleep again? Su Yu felt a little bit depressed.


The wind was breezing, the moonlight was bright and a century-old Chinese parasol tree used its vigorous branches to make it look like a giant umbrella, preventing the moonlight from passing through. However, there was a figure on the highest branch. Using his hands as a pillow, he closed his eyes. It seemed like he was sleeping. However, even so, you couldn’t get closer to him; he could attack and defend flawlessly at any time.

The man slowly opened his eyes. Habitually, he tilted his head to see further. This was the highest place in the neighbourhood. It had a very clear view of the rock’s smooth surface and the forest where she used to train.

Ao Tian’s indifferent eyes contained a trace of self-mockery. When did he begin to have a habit of looking at that forest? He’d heard that she went to Pei city to put rebels down. She had such a little body, where did she actually store so much power? She was really an interesting woman.


“Morning, Miss Qing.”


“Hey, morning, Miss Qing.”


Although she was still not having enough sleep, but Gu Yun’s mood had remarkably improved after resting for a night. In addition, after the two small soldiers’ broadcast, the result was good. Nobody had called her ‘Madam’ again. However… They showed abnormal sympathy towards her, being really careful around her. There were still questions in her heart, but she was still happy. She could consider herself successful. It was truly a beautiful day!

Gu Yun was in a good mood. When she saw Su Yu from afar, she smiled, “Morning, Su Yu.”

Su Yu was still angry because of the incident last night. He snorted, “You still could sleep; you really are a pig.”

Gu Yun gently raised her brows and laughed, “A pig is better than a chick.”

“You!” Su Yu glared angrily at Gu Yun. All of it was her fault! She once told everyone that he was eating like a chick. Now, every time he met her sister, he would be called Chick General! Both sisters were really bad!

An elder servant was carrying Su Yu’s breakfast over. Seeing Gu Yun, he kindly smiled, “Miss Qing, would you like to eat breakfast too? I will take it for you.”

“It’s okay. I need to go out.” Gu Yun waved her hand, leaving angry Su Yu behind.

What did the servants call her? Miss Qing? Didn’t they usually call her Madam? Su Yu secretly nodded. Truthfully, she was not Big Brother’s woman, why called her Madam?


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-3

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  2. thanks a lot!
    ahaha! both su ling and gu yun said the same thing to su yu! su yu, they’re just tired…it’s not thatthe food doesnt attract people. kyaa—-! it’s ao tian! kekeke, he’s so interested in gu yun—-! lol the soldiers giving gu yun sympathetic looks!

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  3. I miss Su Yu! Ahhhh! I like him more than Su Ling even though I know the Chick General got no chance on GY.
    I want him to challenge his brother for GY!
    Chick General vs Eagle eyed General!

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