A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-2

They believed that Gu Yun must actually be sad but was acting like she was alright before them. The two looked at each other and firmly said, “Yes, Miss Qing. Please be assured, in our hearts you are still our general’s madam!”

Ah? Gu Yun’s mouth went stiff. She didn’t care anymore! She whispered, “I know your mind, but please don’t ever call me Madam again. The general will be unhappy. Please convey this news to everyone, ok?”

“Yes.” Both faces in front of her looked displeased for her. However, their still answered her loudly. This made Gu Yun satisfied. As long as they didn’t call her madam anymore, her heart would feel much more comfortable. Feeling very tired, Gu Yun smiled at the two and turned around into the manor.

Seeing Gu Yun’s ‘forced smile’ and her weak back figure, one of the soldier angrily whispered, “How can the general treat Madam like this? She is a really good woman. The general truly doesn’t know how to cherish her!”

“Yes!” Another man quickly agreed. No wonder Madam’s complexion was so bad and sat outside the manor for a long time. She was really pitiful!

When bunches of men were gossiping, their skills of gossiping weren’t bad. At times, they were even better than women. Soon after, the entire manor knew of the situation. There were even many versions of the story.

Gu Yun was very sleepy. She really wanted to sleep so she went straight towards the inner house. When she reached the hall, she bumped into Su Yu. Obviously, Su Yu didn’t think that Gu Yun would be returning today. There was joy in his eyes but it was soon replaced by impatience.  He asked, “How could you return so early? What about Second Brother? Did big brother come with you?”

She had been travelling for a long period and was busy analysing the case. Now, there was finally time to sit and rest. Gu Yun felt really tired. She ignored him and went to the inner house.

Against her black clothes, Gu Yun’s face looked very pale. Her black eyes frightened people. Su Yu finally thought that she wasn’t alright. Blocking her way, he asked, “It has only been a couple of days, why do you look so lethargic?”

Gu Yun didn’t want to explain and just wanted him to let her go. Su Yu suddenly grabbed her wrist and anxiously asked, “Did your illness relapse again? Do we need to ask your sister to come and have a look?”

His young face was anxious and worried. People could see that he was really worried about Gu Yun. Gu Yun slowly replied, “I’m fine. Su Ren is still transporting the gold. Su Ling went to the palace.” After arriving at the Capital, they went their own ways.

“Are you really alright?” Su Yu was still worried, muttering to himself, “Or is it probably better to ask a doctor to come and see you.” Her previous sudden collapse scared people out.

Gu Yun turned her eyeballs. She shook off his hand and continued walking. Su Yu angrily growled, “Hey, I am still talking to you. Why are you walking off?”

“Sleep.” She spoke the word from afar. Su Yu was stunned for a moment. Then lowering his head, he laughed quietly. Oh, she didn’t sleep well. It looked like she was having a hard time dealing with the rebels. Okay, then. He would tell the kitchen to cook a delicious and nutritious meal for her. Su Yu happily went to the kitchen, which he rarely visited. He completely forgot that he was going out to do something.

The kitchen was finally able to produce a table of good food, but Gu Yun was already sleeping like a log. Su Yu was shouting at the outside until his throat was dry, yet he only got four words as an answer, “I am not eating!”

Staring at the plethora of dishes on the table, Su Yu’s anger slowly rose up. What an ungrateful woman! Next time when she wanted to eat, he would not let her eat!


17 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-2

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  2. thank you very much—-!
    lolol, that misunderstanding though! but aww—-how sweet! the soldiers really respect her, how nice!
    groups of men gossiping?!
    oh, su yu being happy that she came back…it’s…no, su yu, you can’t—-! but it’s so cute that he’s worried about gu yun!
    -puts hand to face- su yu…gu yun has already said she’s going to sleep…why don’t you ask the kitchen to cookthe food after she’s woken up?!?


  3. Poor Su Yu~ He can only be the little brother-in-law because it’s obvious Su Ling is already attracted to Qing Mo/Gu Yun. (^_^)

    Thankies for the update, nutty~


    • I have no idea. I remember being confused when I was translating it. There should be a place where they met somewhere when Qing was talking to Dan Yu Lan I think. If you can’t find it, I might have accidentally deleted the part. Currently I am banning myself from opening the novel until my thesis finish. I will take a look at it once I finished my first draft (end of this month or beginning of next month. Please be patient 🙂


  4. How stupid do you have to be to think someone who says “Sleep” to you, indicating a desire for it, is in any condition to eat. And then to still not understand and be angry about it instead after she passes out in deep sleep. Total moron.


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