A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-14

The cold caresses on her cheek felt like snake scales. She felt gloom and terror. Zhuo Qing secretly took several deep breaths. Then, she nodded, “En.”

Not waiting, the man had picked her up and went to the spacious bed. Gently putting her down on the bed, he pressed her body against his, trapping her between his arms. His finger constantly teased her earlobe. This man really knew how to seduce a woman! Was he really Su Mu Feng?

Zhuo Qing struggled to extend her hand. Gently stroking the portion of the man’s face that wasn’t covered with a mask, she asked, “Mu Feng, I want to see you!”

Gu Yun carefully looked at the fairly calm Luo Xi Yan’s side profile. She found that his eyes were remarkably cold. In the night, you could also see the murderous aura in his eyes. She really admired this man’s intellect and also understood that this man had fallen deeply for Qing!

The man-in-grey grabbed Qing’s hand. Mo Bai, who was on the roof beam, immediately raised in alertness. Zhuo Qing was also surprised; she thought that he would get angry. Who knew? He took off his mask and gently threw it into the bed.

Zhuo Qing finally saw the man clearly. The face in front of her was extraordinarily handsome and indeed was Su Mu Feng. However, Zhuo Qing could not be certain that the man in front of her was really Su Mu Feng. During the day, his eyes had a touch of silver colour but under the moonlight, his eyes were silvery grey. He jokingly bit his rosy lips. Compared to his elegant and cold demeanour in a daytime, he was really different now. This time, he lazily smiled. This side of him could make people’s heart race. Zhuo Qing felt doubtful. She began to question her previous judgement. Hypnosis should not change a person’s attitude this much.

Zhuo Qing was caught in her own thoughts but the man didn’t allow her to be distracted. Pinching her chin, he lightly asked, “Are you willing to do anything for me?”

Zhuo Qing surprised and nodded, “En.”

Lightly pinching her nose, the man then stroke her chin while whispered, “Good girl. Are you willing to give your heart to me?”

The husky voice was very enchanting. Zhuo Qing gently raised her eyebrows and asked, “You want my heart?”

Zhuo Qing’s reply made the man’s eyes flash, but he soon composed himself. He smiled, “Are you not willing?”

The two stared at each other without blinking. Zhuo Qing could see the silver light in his eyes were circulating like a pit, sucking her in. It was a very strange experience for her. Zhuo Qing felt a little bit dizzy. After a while, Zhuo Qing nodded, “Okay.”

The man’s face had a touch of excitement and his smile was bright. He sat up and satisfyingly looked at the motionless body of the woman. His hands were on her belt. Soon, he untied the belt. He said to the woman who kept staring at him, “Don’t be afraid, soon you will be liberated.”

A thin blade slid on the smooth skin. The cold sharp knife drew on the chest. There was a sexy red on the tip of the blade, flowing across the waist, like a red string.

The man slowly stretched his arm. As usual, the knife neatly pierced into the chest. Soon, his hand held a beating heart in front of Zhuo Qing, waiting for her shocked and pained expression. This was the most exciting part of him. However, when he looked at Zhuo Qing’s eyes. He was flustered; in Zhuo Qing eyes, he could see a calm and profound expression. There was not even a shred of fear or pain.

The man’s evil smile stiffened! She watched her heart being dug out. How could she be so calm? How could this happen?

“What is happening?” The question didn’t just occur to the man on the bed but also to the three other people in the room except for Gu Yun. Everyone was surprised seeing what had happened.

Zhuo Qing, who had been lying with the man for a while, suddenly sat up. She immediately went to the side and then a strange thing happened. The man faced the empty bed, pantomimed opening other people’s clothes and then grabbed the sharp thin knife on his waist. He skillfully and precisely drew the knife and inserted it into the bed between his finger. He inserted his hand, and like he was holding something, he took it out. His face showed excitement and enthusiasm. It was like he was performing how he stole the heart. How ever they saw it, they still felt strange.

Gu Yun slightly smiled and calmly replied, “You will know it once you see it.” It seemed like Qing had successfully reversed the hypnosis.

“You…” The man stared at Zhuo Qing’s profound eyes. He felt dizzy afterwards. He was surprised when he found his hand was no longer holding the heart and his bloody hands were gone. There was nothing on the plain white bed. Zhuo Qing’s clear and sharp eyes watched him carefully.

“This is… impossible!” The man stared at Zhuo Qing. His surprised face turned into uneasiness.

Zhuo Qing slowly sat down and coldly said, “In this world, you are not the only one who knows how to hypnotise.” She admitted, at the beginning, she was almost lost in his eyes. If she wasn’t well-prepared, he might have been successful in hypnotising her.

The man’s eyes showed cruelty. Zhuo Qing was surprised and quickly retreated while unconsciously blocking her chest.The man’s blade grazed the back of her hand. Luo Zi Yan’s anxious voice was heard at the same time, “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, grab him!”

Mo Bai jumped down from the beam and attacked the man’s torso. The man turned around and kicked. The blade in his hand was still aimed towards Zhuo Qing who was in the furthest corner of the bed. Just as Zhuo Qing was almost stabbed, from behind the screen a large palm intercepted the man’s wrist, using internal force to fend off the man’s attack. Zhuo Qing felt her shoulder being pressed and an enormous force threw her out of the bed. The strength was so enormous she almost hit the wall. Luckily, Gu Yun caught her body so Zhuo Qing wasn’t injured.

The man quickly retreated out of the window and went out. Mo Bai and Ao Tian quickly chased after him.

In the courtyard, he was greeted with Ye Mei’s long whip. This small courtyard had been surrounded. There were archers who came out, ready to shoot the grey shadow.

Mo Bai, Ye Mei and Ao Tian fought with him. The man didn’t have a chance to escape. Ye Mei’s whip trapped the man, tying him up. They used all the long ropes and iron shackles that the other investigator had prepared to tie him solidly.

Cheng Hang looked at the man’s face and immediately cursed, “Su Mu Feng, I cannot believe that you really are the killer! You let your aunt become your scapegoat! You are really evil!”

The struggling man went stiff. He stared violently at Cheng Hang and roared, “What happened to Aunt Xin?”

His eyes were devilish, nothing like the usual Su Mu Feng. Cheng Hang unconsciously put up his guard. He swallowed his saliva and said, “Don’t pretend! Someone come here and escort him!”

Many manual labourers came in and pulled him out. Zhuo Qing shouted, “Wait! I’ll have a word with him.”

Cheng Hang turned around. Seeing her hand bandaged in linen, he thought she was injured badly and said, “Madam, you just go and bandage your wound first. If you have something to ask him, you could go to the town hall at anytime.” Finished speaking, he turned around and ordered, “Escorted him to the prison.” Finally, the real murderer was caught!

Seeing the group of people out, Zhuo Qing lowered her head and sighed, “I’m afraid when I see him again, I won’t be able to ask him anymore.”

Others might not hear it, but Gu Yun heard it clearly. She looked at Su Mu Feng and thinking about the usual Su Mu Feng, her heart was uneasy.


The next day, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing once again came to Xing Bu. Seeing Su Mu Feng in the prison, both of them were surprised. This time, he was the elegant and cold Mu Feng. He was really different than the bloodthirsty devil yesterday.

They asked about last night’s event. He didn’t remember what he did last night. As the last resort, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing went to ask Gu Yue Xin. In order to convince Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing that Su Mu Feng was unintentionally murdering people, Gu Yue Xin spoke to them. Su Mu Feng had a trauma. When he was a child, he got molested by a young miss. He was also beaten by his father’s legal wife. To save himself, he beat his mother to death. After this, as long as a young miss physically touched him, he would have a killing intention. However, after he killed them, he would not remember anything.

Zhuo Qing suspected he had a dual personality. However, at this era, they could not give him a psychological examination. Even if they proved that he was mentally ill, what could they do? His victims were the noble young misses. The noblemen would absolutely never let him go.

Exiting Xing Bu, their mood was very dark.


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  2. thanks!
    whew, glad that zhuo qing was able to retaliate! However, my heart hurts for mu feng! Every effect has its cause, and criminals have their reasons. -sobs for mu feng- this is too applicable to reality, ah—!

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  3. So my theory ended up correct. But still such a sad story for Su Mu Feng… Oh, the thousand mysteries of the brain~

    And yes, unlike the modern times, punishment won’t be lenient towards him even with solid evidence supporting grounds of temporary insanity. You kill, you die. No mental asylum for you.

    Thankies for the update, nutty~

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  5. That’s weird? It said in “Record of Washed Grievances” chapter 102, that he was beaten 10 times by his father’s legal wife and his mother plead and substitute herself in his place and died after 3 days… He didn’t kill his mother!!!


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