A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-13

Shi hour (3-5 am), General Manor.

The sun almost came again. There was no movement in or outside the room. The entire General Manor was quieter than usual. Tonight’s moon was unusually bright. The moonlight lit the room through an open window. Zhuo Qing, who was lying on the bed, looked at the inner chamber’s situation.

Luo Xi Yan was worried that he couldn’t rescue her in time so he assigned Mo Bai, who was wearing black, on the beam of the roof. Meanwhile, Ao Tian was hidden in the closet. Gan Jing and the others from Xing Bu were in the outer chamber. Gu Yun insisted on remaining in the inner chamber, so she and Luo Xi Yan, who was also worried about Zhuo Qing’s safety, were hiding in the furthest corner of the inner chamber. Through the screen, they could see the inside of the room!

Suddenly, a shadow passed through the window. The man was wearing grey clothes and his face covered with a silver mask. His lean shadow was stretched by the moonlight. He didn’t say anything. His hand was quick. Mo Bai and Ao Tian, who were closer, simultaneously took a deep breath. This man was definitely an expert. If he found out, tonight’s operation would be a failure.

The man in grey was standing in front of the window. Glancing through to the woman who shouldn’t be in the bed, his eyes darkened. Hesitating for a moment, he turned away to leave.

No way, she couldn’t let him go! Or else even if they caught him, they couldn’t undo the hypnosis! Zhuo Qing sat up. Using a warm voice, she said, “Mu Feng, is that you?”

The man-in-grey’s body stiffened. He didn’t answer, but he didn’t leave either.

It was indeed him! Zhuo Qing stood up. Slowly walking behind him but not too close, she spoke warmly, “Truthfully, since the first time I met you, I have fallen for you. Tonight, I spent so much effort to sent Qing Mo away just to wait for you here.”

The man-in-grey slowly turned around. His back was facing the moonlight and he was also wearing a silver mask. Zhuo Qing couldn’t see his face nor his eye expressions. She only heard a muffled husky voice chuckle and reply, “You knew that I would come?”

This sound… was really like Su Mu Feng’s but the intonation and tone were completely different.

Zhuo Qing secretly calmed her mind, gently shaking her head. She stepped forward, holding his palm. Lightly shaking it, she pretended to be shy, “I don’t know, but I just hoped you would come. It looks like the heavens had heard my prayer; you finally came.”

Gu Yun rolled her eyes. This woman should not be so into her act, ok? The legendary gentleman beside her, Minister Luo’s fists had clenched several times!

Zhuo Qing thought this man-in-grey would push her aside which was a normal reaction of Su Mu Feng. Who knew, he didn’t actually push her, but actually grabbed her waist. He tightly hugged her into his embrace. Caressing her cheek back and forth, he whispered, “Did you say you love me?”

10 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-13

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  2. thanks a lot!
    rofl—! -claps- zhuo qing—! your acting is amazing! luo xi yan is totally jealous! and lol, gu yun rolling her eyes! he-he-he hugged her—-! wah—-! luo xi yan’s jealousy meter has exceeded its maximum limit…certainly.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Keh! There goes my “extreme disgust to women’s touch” theory. LOL.

    Hahahaha. Luo Xi Yan, chill~ Hahahaha And it’s kinda refeshing to see Zhuo Qing act out with such emotions when she’s usually described as cold and indifferent.

    I’m already following 2 of these trilogy novels so I must resist following Zhou Qing/Qing Ling’s novel. They’re all page-turners and such cliffhangers, my heart won’t be able to take another “torture”. hahahahaha

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~


  4. A split personality murderer? Really?
    For once I thought it was just a simple crime of passion, but my earlier analysis seemed right. Otherway this is my 1st time commenting n see that there’s only 7 chapters translated, please translate faster Nutty. I volunteered to be an editor if you need one, as long as it translates quickly. Lol.


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