A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-11

Gu Yun secretly bit her lips. She decided to get closer to the man in black. She was shorter than him, so she might be able to escape the sword.

She hadn’t been able to move when she felt her waist belt being tightened. Getting back her concentration, she had been hugged by someone. The silver flash was also interrupted by a pair of big hands. The blood smell spread across the room. The flowing blood slid between the fingers. Gu Yun opened her eyes widely, looking at the side of the man. Ao Tian’s black clothes and silver hair. His face was pale but remained calm. He didn’t show any signs of injury except for bleeding. In the dark night, the foolish act of the man-made Gu Yun a little bit agitated. The man in black was also surprised for a moment.

Luck was on Ao Tian’s side. He twisted his hand. The man in black immediately felt a strong force coming towards his wrist. His sword flew out of his hand. The man in black was flustered. He went towards the window and jumped.

In the inner garden, there had been fully armed soldiers holding spears. The man in black squinted his eyes. It looked like they were luring him. He thought if he wanted to exit and enter the General Manor, it would not be an easy thing.

Gu Yun grabbed some cloth from the bed, tearing it into long strips. She bandaged Ao Tian’s bleeding hand and anxiously asked, “Are you okay?”

Soon, the blood stained the white silk. Ao Tian took back his hand and replied, “I’m fine.” Done speaking, he went out. Gu Yun felt strange. This man’s character was too weird!

The two went out to the garden. None of them had noticed there was a man standing with a complex expression at the corner. His hand was holding a sword that had been unsheathed. Yet, he was one step slower.

Su Ling didn’t speak anything and just left Gu Yun’s courtyard like he had never been there at all.

In the courtyard, countless torches had been lit, illuminating the entire courtyard. The man in black was surrounded by soldiers. He understood his situation so he no longer resisted and just coldly looked towards Gu Yun.

“I’ve looked down on you, little girl.” The man in black spoke up. It was clearly that of a woman’s voice.

Using her hand, the woman in black ripped the black clothes that she had used as a mask. A beautiful face was revealed.

“It’s you!”

Gu Yue Xin!


13 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-11

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  2. thank you—!
    lol, for a moment there, i thought it was su ling! eh—! ao tian hugged her! kyaa—! …yes, inappropriate timing once again…
    did they capture the suspicious man!? ao tian, oh ao tian…were you nervous or touched, with gu yun worrying about you?kekeke!
    -points finger- ah—! su ling was there! i knew it! i knew he would be nearby!
    oh oh! it’s her! it’s really her—! i wonder how much of my theory is right, hm….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I heart ♥ SL… I wonder what’s his reaction of her not wanting to be called madam. So cute, a handsome general and an allergic clueless GY 😘 that’s my kind of woman, non monkey clingy type…but, pls don’t prolong the agony ah.

    Thankies 😍

    Liked by 2 people

  4. So it’s really her?
    Hmm. Maybe I misunderstood the description of the perpetrator earlier…

    So like…. This Aunt Xin, what’s her deal? Hohohoh~ She doesn’t want anyone to touch her adorable-cutey-koo nephew? LOL.

    And Su Ling, why you late, man? Bet he wanted to observe first how Qing Mo fights and didn’t expect someone else would save her first.

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~


  5. I was surprised Ao Tian was first, but he is a bounty hunter and used to sleeping in trees on her property. Still Su Ling, bad job. He set that up but by the time he came she would have been stabbed. The aunt–I saw that one coming. Still, I am surprised they caught her so fast. Mystery solved as soon as it started almost.


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