A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-12

After catching the person, Xing Bu immediately put Gu Yue Xin in the prison. She had admitted she was the one who killed them. Her reason was ridiculous. To protect Su Mu Feng from their harassment, she killed people?

Xing Bu’s lobby was a little bit quieter. Gu Yun whispered, “I still feel something is off!”

When closing a case, the proofs must be certain. All the evidence should be linked together and nothing should be overlooked. If Gu Yue Xin was the murderer, there were too many holes!

Dan Yu Lan brightly smiled, “Miss Qing, there is no harm in saying what you think. Please tell me.”

Walking to the hall, Gu Yun spoke out her doubt, “First, although Gu Yue Xin’s martial art isn’t bad, it could not be considered high-skill. If we didn’t deliberately reduce the patrolling guards by half, she might have not been able to find my room. The General Manor is a heavily guarded place. The murderer could enter and exit effortlessly. This isn’t something that Gu Yue Xin is capable of doing. Secondly, she couldn’t explain the details of the three murders. If she really murdered them, she should know the details. Thirdly, her eagerness to plead guilty. This is probably to protect someone, and this person is likely the real murderer!”

Cheng Hang opposed, “Do you think Su gongzi is the murderer? I think he is not!” Su gongzi’s fear of blood had been well known amongst the Su* family. They had also found many doctors for this. This could not be fake!

Zhuo Qing who had been silent the whole time looked up. Her face was full of worry and said, “Gu Yue Xin said that the victims were not moving or crying was because they were under the Gu Yue family’s hypnosis. If it’s really that good, Su Mu Feng could also be under hypnosis. Under the circumstances, he didn’t know he would kill people. The trigger is a woman’s touch. As long as a woman deliberately touches him, he would kill her uncontrollably!”

This was what was called hypnotic suggestion (I don’t what they mean in any language, so I google translate it). If that were the case, the real murderer would be the one used the hypnosis.

Killing uncontrollably? Everyone’s face in the hall was changed. Gu Yun looked at ease. She smiled, “These are our speculations. Tonight we are going to prepare a trap again. Whether the murderer will come or not, we can only resign to fate.”

“This time, I will be the bait. I’ll definitely unravel this so-called hypnosis!” Zhuo Qing suddenly offered herself. Luo Xi Yan frowned, “Can’t others do it?” It was too dangerous.

Zhuo Qing shook her head. Gu Yun bluntly said, “If it really is hypnosis, she will be the only one who can unravel it!”

Qing was the recent years best coroner and also responsible for psychological training in the police station. If Su Mu Feng was really under hypnosis, Qing was the only one who could help him!


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-12

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  2. thank you—-!
    Um, i suppose it seems my theory was mostly right! a crime of jealousy, though she uses the basis of protection. ….yandere!
    hm, but nope. indeed, there seems to be lots of holes. so it’s not her, huh—!
    hypnotic suggestion certainly fits the situation. woah, things have become very complicated!
    aw, luo xi yan is worried for zhuo qing, keke, cute!
    zhuo qing is also really cool!


  3. Wait. It says it’s been YEARS since Qing became the coroner at the police station. I was under the impression it had only been a few months since they were transported to this era? How long has it been then?


  4. I know, right!? Heehee~ Gu Yun and I are thinking the same. Too many things didn’t fit. I guess my years of watching CSI paid off. LOL.

    It’s possible Su Mu Feng suffers with a dissociative disorder similar to the mother (Ok Ja) character in Kdrama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. His extreme disgust towards women’s touch could trigger him to kill even if he had a phobia for blood and then he’d forget everything after that manic episode. That’s my theory!

    Thankies for this chapter, nutty~

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So, I ate the bait for the first part but I WAS wondering why it all happened so fast. So now we will see the whole picture. Who is the hypnotist? And why?


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