A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-10

At this moment, Su Yu didn’t know what to say and looked at Su Ling. Su Ling stood up and walked towards her. In front of her, his big tall figure seemed to completely envelop Gu Yun. Gu Yun silently stood there, meeting her eyes with his. Just when Gu Yun thought he was going to explode, she heard, “Su Yu, go and make the arrangements. It can only be for a night! Tonight let her sleep in the Yi Tian room (means Heavenly).”

His words were directed to Su Yu but his eyes were looking at Gu Yun’s black eyes.

Yi Tian room? Gu Yun? This name had a true martial arts aura.

Su Ling’s attitude had a sudden 180 degrees turn. Gu Yun was a bit suspicious. When she wanted to speak again, Su Ling had passed her and exited the hall.

Looking at his back figure, Gu Yun couldn’t guess what this man was thinking! It wasn’t just her, Su Yu also thought the same. Just before, Big Brother firmly rejected the idea, how could he agree to it now?

The spacious room was simply decorated with a large bed. Beside the bed, there was a plain looking table. Although the moonlight tonight was not very bright, in the absence of curtain layers, the room’s environment could still be seen when squinting.

On a big bed, a woman was lying. Her eyes were closed. It seemed like she had fallen asleep.

The weather was hot so two windows were opened. The night breeze could easily come in and so could a slender shadow.

After flying into the room, the dark figure didn’t directly go to the bed but stood in front of the window for a while. Long after, he walked towards the bed, staring at the peacefully sleeping woman.

Suddenly, he walked to the bedside table, took a cup and bashed it down onto the ground. The sound of broken porcelain was so clear and loud in the silent night.

Gu Yun frowned, suddenly opened her eyes. The dark shadow had almost jumped from the window.

“You just came, do you want to go now?” A clear voice without a sign of confusion after sleeping was heard. Gu Yun jumped from the bed and went towards the dark figure. From behind, she used a rope to strangle the man’s neck. The man was pained and his body a bit sluggish. He didn’t expect this woman to have such good skills. Gu Yun punched the side of his abdomen. Then, she kicked the back of his knee.

The man went black for a second. His hand was on his waist. Gu Yun saw a silver flash. Wanting to escape, the man used his other hand to push her. She didn’t have a chance to back off. Fearing that when the man came, Bing Lian’s shaking would alert the murderer, she didn’t bring Bing Lian. Now, she didn’t have a weapon in her hand, she couldn’t attack.


5 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-10

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  2. thanks—!
    -puts on fake glasses- from what i’ve inferred, it seems su ling had a rush of jealousy, and rather than let gu yun stay at some other guy’s place, he’d rather loosen the rules for one night, and have her stay here, so that at least, he can protect her! kekeke—!
    oh, the person came! but, why break the porcelain cup though? hm, was the person suspicious? it’s a guy? gu yun didn’t bring a normal sword or dagger? questions—-!


  3. Hmm. Is this really the perpetrator???

    Based on what was discussed earlier, the perpetrator has a high-level martial arts skill and leaves no trace of evidence. But breaking the porcelain in such a quiet night is such a give-away.

    Thankies for the chapter, nutty~


  4. What do you mean she can’t attack? She has her martial arts skills doesn’t she? Must she always meet a weapon with a weapon? And anyway, isn’t a dagger her old favorite? Why wouldn’t she have a dagger if she left her sword out? Don’t understand her thinking on this!


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