A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 17-1

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I’m back. I would like to thank you for your patience waiting for this update (Hahahaha). I finished my committee meeting (sort of) with a lot of warnings to get things done! (like usual). With two coursework subjects, research, workout, volunteer works and helping to organise events, the translation progress will be slower. I am trying to release two chapters/month, but I can’t promise that I can do it :P. Enjoy the chapter! This chapter was edited by Remy.



P.S. There will be Indonesian Street Festival coming up at Victoria Market on 3rd April. Please come and visit us if you are interested in trying new foods and cultural stuff! (Promotion, hahaha 😀 )


After rushing for five days and nights, they finally arrived at the capital. She quickly went to Xing Bu. The presiding officer of this case was Yu Lan from the Ti Xing division (提刑, Prosecution Office). When Qing frantically called her back, she had prepared mentally. This would be a tough case. However, when she heard that this was a serial killer who would take the heart of the victim, she was still surprised. Qing’s initial report suggested that all of the victims were female. There were no injuries on their body apart from an incision about five inches long on their left chest. The cause of death was the removal of heart. The faces of the deceased revealed extreme fear, but there were no other scars left on their bodies.

The killing technique was the best, but their modus operandi was also very skilful. They didn’t leave traces of evidence. Xing Bu had investigated for a month. The witnesses and the crime scenes had been checked numerous times. They still haven’t gained anything. Qing had asked Xing Bu to investigate similar cases across the country, hoping to find a new clue.

“Madam, would you like to enter the house now?” Two small soldiers looked strangely at their madam who had been sitting in front of the General’s Manor for an hour.

Gu Yun, whose brain was busy analysing the case, paused momentarily. She looked up to see the two soldiers looking at her with a weird smile, dumbfounded.

She might be able to analyse the case clearly and logically. However, she was somewhat undecided about her personal matter. She originally didn’t want to return to the manor, not because it was a bad place. In here the soldiers were straightforward and her freedom was not restricted. However, when thinking that she and Su Ling would be living under the same roof, she was inexplicably upset! The more appalling thing was the golden bagua. Without living in this manor, she wouldn’t be able to get information on the bagua, hence, she wouldn’t be able to go home.

For the sake of being able to go back to her era, Gu Yun finally decided— live at the General’s Manor!

After deciding, Gu Yun raised up. She walked to the two young soldiers and gently smiled, “Please tell the soldiers in here, the general had someone he loved. Before long, he will marry her. Later, you don’t need to call me madam anymore, or else you will be punished according to military law. Do you hear me clear?”

The two looked at each other. After a long time, they unwillingly replied, “Understood, then… How should we call you?”

“You could just call me Miss Qing.” Gu Yun’s mood improved greatly. As long as it was not that damn ‘Madam’, calling her anything was alright.


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  2. thanks a lot—-!
    oh, a detective case for gu yun! interesting!
    lol, the hustle! the bagua, or staying at thatplace where su ling wouldn’t be?rofl!


  3. Hi Nutty, a question for you. Where’s Victoria market? Are you from Indonesia? Me too but have been living in US for a long time…
    Do you mind emailing me at your earliest convenience as I’d like to ask you some other questions?
    Thanks for sharing this translation!


  4. Thank you dear Nutty and many thanks to Remy as well for this whole bunch of updates…off to read now…..happy happy dance….


  5. OMG are you perhaps an international student in Melbourne? And Indonesian too on top of that 😭 I worship you as fellow international student for translating this LN thank you so much!!


  6. WELCOME BACK NUTTY!!! Thank you for the update. We definitely missed you and this novel. Keep up the great work and make sure to rest a lot.


  7. oh Su Ling wouldn’t be too happy about GY making a clear distance

    wah extremely busy you but glad the committee meeting is over, one check mark off the list.


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