A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-9

Was this the rebels’ leader set up? Su Ling and Gu Yun thought about it at the same time. A small soldier suddenly rushed to the front and reported, “Reporting! Commander and Vanguard had found the gold. Now, they are bringing it down. In addition, they also caught the rebels’ Right Shi … Wu Ji.”

Caught Wu Ji?!

Regardless whether the man in front of them was the leader or not, they, at least, caught one main character. Su Ling gently raised his hand and commanded, “Escort the person back.”


The troop went down from the mountain.

Seven miles from the mountain. An aloof arrogant figure was silently observing the gradually diminishing fire. Behind him, there was a man who wore an eye-catching blue attire impatiently said, “Leader, when will we rescue Wu Ji?”

“I have my own calculations.” A whispered sound was heard. Yan Ge could only obediently close his mouth. Slender fingers gently brushed a small green snake cold body. A pair of cold eyes observing from a distance…

Su Ling and his party marched the “leader” and Yu Xiang, together with hundreds of rebels to the camp front. Coincidently, they bumped into Wu Ji who also had been escorted by Han Shu. The two groups had just met when the expressionless Wu Ji saw the man in black’s back. He immediately shouted “Leader!”, Then, he began to desperately wriggle his body which was bound in tight rope, wanting to rush over. However, his pair of shoulders was pressed by Han Shu’s large hands. At the end, Wu Ji was still unable to free himself.

When they fought in Crow Valley, they had seen Wu Ji. Seeing his attitude towards the man-in-black, Yu Shi Jun who still had a little doubt began to believe that the man-in-black was the leader.

However, Gu Yun had completely opposite conclusion: this man was definitely not the leader!

Personally seeing Wu Ji’s performance in Crow’s Valley, she knew that he was an extremely calm and indifferent man. His ‘anxious’ and ‘excited’ body language just before didn’t come in accordance with her initial impression of him. Yet he still performed it, this could only explain that he was acting it out! The exaggerated performance coupled with his remained indifferent eyes exposed his act. He was really out of practice.

Gu Yun had shrewd eyes but remained silent at this time. Meanwhile, Su Ling’s face remained gloomy, making people unable to guess what was on his mind. Then, people heard him said to Yu Shi Jun, “Take them to the prison and put them in separate cells.

“Yes.” Yu Shi Jun followed the order while the other went into the main tent. At this time, a red figure… or should it be said a muddy figure came into everyone’s eyes. His movements were quick, but what made people stare in disbelief was his awkward state. The man was approaching them. Besides Gu Yun, who laughed so hard that her face looked a bit twisted, everyone else was astonished and had bewildered faces. Especially Su Ling. It was really hard to see his eagle eyes wide open. Su Ling stared in disbelief at the man whose face, body and hair were covered with stink.

This was the Mu Yi that he knew? That borderline cleanliness-loving OCD man?!

Han Shu, who’s always been straightforward widely grinned and asked, “Mu Yi, what kind of crime that you’ve done?”

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  2. thank you—!
    eh—! the woman gu yun was fighting with was the leader?! …i didn’t get that wrong, did i? so close, too close—!
    well now, lol, mu yi appearing and gu yun laughing at him! everyone else’s shocked reaction were great though! lol, han shu!his crime was offending gu yun…!

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