A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-8

At this time, Yu Shi Jun also brought hundreds of soldiers there. Gu Yun and Su Ling silently put down their swords. Yu Shi Jun could handle this person.

Just as Yu Shi Jun went to capture the person, a gray-blue figure suddenly flew from the side of the forest. His hand was holding a sword, pointing at Yu Shi Jun. He shouted, “Leader! Quickly go!”

Leader? Gu Yun slightly frowned. This man-in-black was the leader?

Yu Shi Jun barely escaped the sword. He holding a machete, he greeted the man’s attack. The martial arts of the two were comparable. It was hard to tell who was going to win. The man-in-black suffered internal injuries. He held down to his chest and breathlessly urged, “Left Shi, quickly go!”

“This subject will never leave you behind to escape alone!” The man wanted to get closer to the man-in-black, but he kept being stopped by Yu Shi Jun. The man was anxious, his attacks were also becoming disorganized. Very quickly, Yu Shi Jun found a weakness and attacked. The sword on the man’s hand broke. Without a weapon, the man was at a disadvantage and was captured by the soldiers.

Yu Shi Jun took his machete back and asked, “Who are you?”

The man icily replied, “Walking didn’t change your name, Sitting didn’t change your surname (行不改名坐不改姓, one of the proverbs, don’t know what the hell is the meaning any suggestion?)… Yu Xiang.”

Gu Yun swept a glance over the man. His appearance was really normal, but his eyes were flashing cunningly from time to time. This man was surely crafty.

The man-in-black had been tied with a rope. Gu Yun strode forward grabbed the man’s face that was obscured by the black gown, a face full of arrogance was presented before everyone. The man was about 30 years old. His face was square and his eyes were tiger-like. He was tall and strong. Facing them, he was considerably calm, and his arrogance was not bad. Yet, Gu Yun felt something was wrong. At the very least, he was different than what Gu Yun imagined! Night raids, kidnapping Han Shu, meeting at Crow’s valley, and the water dam ideas came from this man in front of her?

Gu Yun’s clear eyes slightly narrowed. Gu Yun coldly asked, “You are their leader?”

The man tilted his head and replied, “Winner takes all and loser takes nothing. Getting captured by you guys today, I, Mu Cang did not have anything to say!”

He escaped her questioning and eagerly emphasize on his identity. Gu Yun suspicions gradually increased.

“General, most of the rebels escaped into the water and we were only able to catch 500 people.” When they finished counting the rebels, Yu Shi Jun also had some doubts. This battle was too easy. After the flood, he thought that he was going to get more resistance as he came to the hideout. He didn’t think it was going to be this easy.

Su Ling apparently also felt something was wrong and he asked, “Where is that unbeatably flirtatious man in blue?” That man’s arrogance was incomparable. His position in this hideout should not be too low. He always thought that Wu Ji and Yan Ge was this rebel’s Right and Left Shis. However, today Yu Xiang suddenly emerged.

Yu Shi Jun shook his head, “We didn’t find that man.”


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-8

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  2. 行不改名坐不改姓 could mean the following: Whether I travel or stay at home I do not change my name; Never conceal one’s name, never keep one’s identity hidden; One never changes his name whether he travels or stays at home.

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  3. My Chinese roommate explained it as a matter of pride. It was used in ancient China during battles. When asked, “Who are you?” One can reply with that proverb. It’s as sutekii says, basically: “I am not afraid to tell you my name/identity.” The person using the proverb will then announce their name.


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