A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-7

Squinting her eyes to see further, Gu Yun couldn’t see Su Ling’s figure and only saw Leng Xiao and Luo Yan at the right and left of the march, commanding the slowly advancing soldiers.

Gu Yun went behind Leng Xiao and asked, “Where are Su Ling and Yu Shi Jun?”

Leng Xiao turned around, looking at Gu Yun clearly. Besides feeling a little bit awkward, her body didn’t seem to be injured. Then, he replied, “The General Su guessed that their hideout should not be very far from where the flood came from. He was afraid that once the rebels looked at the fire, they will jump into the water and escape. Therefore, he and Lieutenant Yu first moved forward with 5,000 soldiers to the hideout.

Gu Yun understandingly nodded. She suddenly had a strong interest in this rebel’s leader. If the woman-in-green was his woman, what kind of person was he that he could conquer a strong intelligent woman? If he was just the woman-in-green’s leader, what kind of charm he had so he could let a proud and courageous woman to work under him?

Eager to know the answer, Gu Yun also rushed to the direction of the hideout.

Following the stream for about 4-5 miles, Gu Yun could hear the sound of fighting. Gu Yun’s heart trembled with excitement and she increased her pace. She originally expected to see a fierce and brilliant fight. However, the sight in front of her made her doubt.

In the dense forest, there were several natural caves, which were good places to live. Just when Gu Yun arrived, the battle had actually ended!

In front of the cave, several hundreds of rebels had been brought under control. Yu Shi Jun was arranging the soldiers to tie them together with a rope, to prevent one from escaping during their way back. Su Ling’s big tall figure stood in front of the biggest cave. There was no trace of joy on his face. It seemed like he was in a deep thought. Gu Yun didn’t go there, but he seemed to somewhat feel it and looked at Gu Yun’s direction.

“I’ve let her escape.” Explaining it faintly with one sentence, Gu Yun didn’t say anything again. All of a sudden, a flash came from the cave’s inside, it was a shadow. Gu Yun shouted, “Who!”

When she spoke, Gu Yun’s figure had begun to run towards the shadow. Su Ling also immediately followed.

One red and one white, two swords pressed forward to the dark figure. The dark figure was forced to pause. Seeing the person’s movement and skill, his martial arts shouldn’t be weak, but he still wouldn’t be able to hide from the swords’ attack. The two people tacitly removed their sword at the same time. Although the sword was removed from his body, the man-in-black still felt the strength of the swords. One left one right, one hot like a flame one cold like an ice block, but both were ready to attack him from either side. Swallowing his saliva, the man-in-black suddenly spewed blood.


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