A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-14

Su Ling was stupefied. He hadn’t been able to get the meaning of Gu Yun’s word, a bottle of medicine had been thrown beside his foot.

Looking at Su Ling’s blank face, Gu Yun impatiently said, “Quick! Don’t waste my time.” Before they departed, Su Ren gave the medicine to her and asked her to help Su Ling to apply the medicine. He was also emphasized that Su Ling was wounded because of rescuing her. It was like if she didn’t help Su Ling to apply the medicine, she would commit an extremely serious crime. Ah… She didn’t want to control him!

Finally understanding her intention, Su Ling was a little bit embarrassed. His facial expression was a bit odd. He coldly said, “Let me do it myself.”

Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Gu Yun was looking for a piece of muslin while using ‘Discussion’ tone to reply, “You could choose to obediently take off your clothes or I would take off your clothes.”

Su Ling suddenly wanted to laugh. This woman really held grudges, she used his word against him.

Never mind. She, a woman, was not shy. Why would he mind! Facing his back towards Gu Yun, Su Ling took off his outer clothes. Under the moonlight, the broad back’s muscles looked more pronounced. Gu Yun slightly raised her eyebrows, secretly admiring. Su Ling had a strong well-built physique, a wheat-like skin color, and perfectly lined muscles. Really making people envy!

However, Gu Yun only appreciated the view in front of her for a second before she took out the muslin and applied the medicine. She carefully bandaged the wound again. Under the doctor’s care, his wound gradually closed. However, there were still small circular pits at his back. It looked like they were going to leave a scar. On his back, there were plenty old scars. Gu Yun didn’t look that way, but she admired him secretly.

Meanwhile, Su Ling who just before calmly took off his clothes felt a bit weird when Gu Yun’s cold fingers gently applied the medicine to his wound. He felt a big difference when Gu Yun applied the medicine compared to the doctor; although it was the same medicine. Her movement was not much gentler than the doctor. That kind of feeling hot and cold, pain and tingling. Truthfully, it was not very good!

When Gu Yun reapplied the dressing and the dressing passed over his chest, her breasts were pressed against his back. His brain subconsciously thought of that night, inside the tent, the movement along the breath which she couldn’t conceal… (I think he is talking about the state of Gu Yun when she didn’t wear a bra nor the clothes to prevent her breast movement. However, I might be wrong.)

Damn! After all, he was still a man. At this time, Su Ling extremely regretted letting her apply the medicine.

In contrast, Gu Yun didn’t have much feeling. She had seen too many male bodies. In the Special Forces before, she didn’t know how many men she’d helped to bandage in the woods. Therefore, to her, the situation now was normal. She secured the bandage and put back the medicine and dressing. Gu Yun calmly said, “Okay, it is finished. Take a rest. We will be going in two hours.”

Finished speaking, Gu Yun carelessly lied on the ground near the fire. Using her hands as a pillow, she just lied there on the ground like that.

Once again, Su Ling’s face darkened. What kind of woman can peacefully sleep outdoors on the ground in front of a man? He’d never seen this kind of woman before! She really didn’t put a guard against him or was she actually acting tough? For the first time, The Great General Su put an interest to analyze people who weren’t his opponents. In addition, this person is a female! He never wasted his mind on a woman!

Thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t understand. Su Ling closed his eyes. The best way to deal with this woman was … to not see her at all!

After a long time, Gu Yun gradually opened her eyes. She tilted her head to see a man who sat cross-legged, she observed the man. The resting time was limited. Gu Yun under this kind of circumstances would choose the most comfortable place and position to sleep. She was curious. Could Su Ling rest at that kind of position? Didn’t his legs get pins and needles?

Several days later, Gu Yun got her answer. Sitting like that and closing the eyes wouldn’t make people rest well.

This was because Su Ling’s face was becoming uglier to see as the time passed. His eyes were bloodshot. His black clothes were crumpled and his hair was a mess. He… frankly speaking, was a moving ice block. In Gu Yun’s opinion, all of these were caused by severe lack of sleep. However, she didn’t guess right the reason of his lack of sleep.

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    • I think that’s just it but guys, especially if they are relax, have a very peculiar way of thinking in every situation they’ve been. There’s a myth(they said its a study) that men think about it several times a day so…yeah


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