A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-13

It was almost autumn, the night wind was not that refreshing anymore. The sparkling moonlight shone on the official Road. The road looked like a faint-white silk laid in between mountains. However, the approaching galloping sound at a high speed broke the solitude of the night. Two black horses rushed through the “white silk”, drawing two ink marks on it.

Originally the two horses went head to head. However, one horse suddenly jumped over thirty feet. The man on the horse immediately pulled the reins. The horse immediately stopped and stood straightly on the Official Road.

The horse behind was startled. The one who was riding it had to immediately pull the rein too. The spirited horse made a sound and barely missed hitting the horse in front.

Glaring at the man on the horse, Gu Yun growled, “What are you doing?” Did he know that if she didn’t pull the rein on time both of them would be injured!

Su Ling went down from the horse. His face was even darker than the night. He coldly replied, “We have ridden for one day and one night. It is about time we rest.”

Gu Yun icily argued, “If you want to rest, that’s your problem. Don’t stop my way.” She also didn’t want him to travel together with her. This man was sick!

Su Ling didn’t pay attention to her and just held the horse’s leather rope, pulling it towards the small tree at the side of the road.

Gu Yun lost her temper, “Su Ling! Do you know how to respect others?”

“You could either choose to rest on your own, or I will choose it for you, forcing you to rest.” With one hand held the horse rein, Su Ling didn’t turn around. His overbearing answer challenged Gu Yun’s nerve.

“Disgusting!” Bing Lian’s blade was about to be discharged to the overbearing man in front of her. Gu Yun’s grip on Bing Lian tightened.

Like he had a pair of eyes on his back, Su Ling calmly replied, “If you still have that much energy to be wasted on me, I will be glad to play with you.” It wasn’t hard to hear that Su Ling was also struggling to contain his anger. They hadn’t been resting for a day and a night. Besides eating dry food and feeding the horse, she hadn’t stopped at all. Till what extent this woman wanted to push herself? Was that person who wrote the letter really that important? Worthy of her endangering her life to return on time?!

Gu Yun took a deep breath, telling herself. Don’t act rashly! Do not argue with him! Don’t waste energy on him! Calm… Calm…

After contemplating for a long time, Gu Yun’s anger was a bit subdued. She used a calm tone to say, “I think, we really need to discuss some things. After all, we are going to be at each other’s company for couple days. I couldn’t stand arguing with you every day. What do you think?”

After long pause, the man in front replied, “Speak.”

“We travelled together. I think we should, at least, have most basic respect towards each other. What do you think?”

After a while, the man in front didn’t reply. Gu Yun thought that he agreed, so she continued, “I need to return to the capital as soon as possible. I can’t afford to be slow like now. Getting rest every day is a must. This point I understand. The reason I’ve been rushing these two days is because our spirit and energy are at their best so I will only rest for two hours. After a while, our energy will decline, then we will have extra one hour break every day. What do you think?”

If she really wanted to hurry and go back, this arrangement was the best one. Su Ling had to admit, she was smart. She could arrange it so well. However, the question is why did she need to be that desperate?

Gu Yun waited again for a while. If the man in front of her still didn’t speak, could she take it as if he agreed?

Shrugging, Gu Yun came to her conclusion, “You didn’t comment on anything so I am glad that we could reach an understanding.”

Gu Yun turned her body over to get off the horse. She quickly prepared the things for an overnight stay. At this time, the silent Su Ling suddenly said, “Do you really have to rush back?”

Refocusing her thought, Gu Yun finally understood what he asked. Gu Yun quickly replied, “Yes!”

This one word “yes” made Su Ling’s surrounding temperature plunge several degrees. Bing Lian and Chi Xue could also feel it. Unfortunately, to the ‘slow’ Gu Yun, didn’t feel it.

Both of them were well-versed in staying overnight in the wilderness. They quickly found an appropriate location to rest. The fire was ignited within half an hour. Taking out the water bottle and dry food, both of them ate in silence. Once she was full, Gu Yun demanded quietly, “Take off your clothes.”


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  2. thank you—-!
    that’s right, i forgot to mention in the chapter when gu yun said she wanted to go back to the capital, that…su ling was jealous—! and it’s even more obvious in this chapter! ahahaha! suffer some more, su ling!

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