A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-11

After she finished reading, Gu Yun’s face changed slightly. Su Ling and Han Shu simultaneously looked towards the paper, only to see the most succinct hastily written line:

Lucy, the case was difficult, return fast. Y (Lucy and Y were written in English in the book. They were not typo!)

What was the meaning of this? What is the meaning of the first and the last ‘drawing’?

Since when Xing Bu’s document changed to this form?

Most importantly, what was the relation between a Xing Bu’s investigator and her?

Although they didn’t understand, Gu Yun had understood everything clearly. Who would know her English name except Qing? Qing was that anxious till she asked Gu Yun to return. She must be really in trouble.

Both of Su Ling’s brows were knitted. He was full of doubt. Gu Yun quickly closed the letter and said, “I want the best and fastest horse.”

“What for?” His mouth was asking the question, but Su Ling had guessed her intention.

Indeed, Gu Yun succinctly replied, “I am going Back to the capital immediately!”

Immediately? Su Ling knitted brows were tightened. Why was she so anxious? This letter made her put back everything and want to return to the capital? All of this was because of a person named Dan Yu Lan?

Actually, Gu Yun did this because of the person who wrote this letter, and that person was not Dan Yu Lan, but her most important friend in this world… Zhuo Qing.

Since the moment she left the camp, she was not happy!

Why does she have to return to the Capital with Su Ling?

He was the Su Army’s Military Counsellor, he should be returning to the Capital with the army, why didn’t he do it?

Okay then. Everything was because of that ‘person who couldn’t live if there was no mess/fight in this world’ … Su Ren. He prudishly said that ‘the emperor’s edict stated that their time limit to catch the bandits was one month, but there was so much gold…It would require a long time to transport them back to the Capital and it would pass the time limit. Therefore, Su Ling must go back to personally inform the emperor and to ask him to extend the time limit.’

OK! Let him come back to him (Emperor) but he didn’t need to be here together with her!

Han Shu was also an idiot, saying that ‘If two people went together, they could take care of each other. Very good! Very good! Good your *ss! When she and he were together, the situation was like ‘not fighting was already a good thing, not arguing was a blessing.’

The most disgusting thing was Su Ling. He actually agreed to go back with her! Didn’t he always think a woman was bothersome? Wasn’t he a loner?

In short, the final result was that they were forced to travel together!


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