A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-10

Mu Yi could only use his facial expression to change from dark blue to a cold look to explain everything. He just wanted to quickly wash his body clean. Before that happened, he would not open his mouth, he didn’t even want to breathe!

Gu Yun’s happy mood was getting more gleeful. Not taking advantages of this opportunity to step on his feet was not her character. Gu Yun mocked, “Han Shu, the mud in the rainforest is a rare skin care product. The other person knew more how to enjoy it than you guys.”

“Oh, really?” The honest and straight Han Shu was surprised. Although he didn’t believe it, but his eyes kept curiously looking at Mu Yi’s mud-filled body

“Really?” Honest and straightforward Han beam surprised a moment, although they are still not convinced, but a pair of Hu Mu is still curious to see one of the dirt is easy to admire.

Seeing Mu Yi’s face turned from white to green, then from green to black, Su Ling had no doubt that Mu Yi had reached the anger level where he wanted to kill the ridiculing woman in front of him.

The tall and big figure shifted towards Gu Yun. Mu Yi didn’t attack, but his phoenix eyes squinted. A word by word came through the teeth and burst out, “Qing… Mo…! You just wait!”

Finished speaking, Mu Yi brushed his sleeves and went. Gu Yun faced his fiery black and icily face and replied, “Anytime it suits you!” Did you think that it was only you who could frame other people to see drama and others couldn’t fight back? What a joke!

Su Ling secretly relieved, Mu Yi’s martial arts was strong. She didn’t know how profound was Mu Yi’s skill yet she went to challenge the limit of Mu Yi’s patient. This woman really didn’t know her limit. At this time, Su Ling still didn’t know why these two were fighting. If he knew, he should be worried of… How Gu Yun would ‘take care’ of him. This woman didn’t only ‘not know her limit’, she also bore grudges!

Gu Yun prepared to turn around and go back to her own tent when a small soldier jogged towards them, urgently saying, “General, Xing Bu (It is a department who takes care of crimes and prisons; Judicial Department?) Sent an urgent letter!”

Xing Bu? He and Xing Bu didn’t really have much contact. Why suddenly there was an urgent letter? Su Ling said in serious tone, “Present!”

When Gu Yun heard about Xing Bu’s urgent letter, she thought of Dan Yu Lan, slowing down her step. She only saw the small soldier carefully looked at her and replied, “But… It was written in the urgent letter that… the content is confidential and… was directed to Qing Mo.”

To her?!

Not only Su Ling was puzzled, even Gu Yun was wondering why Xing Bu wrote an urgent confidential letter to her.

Although there were a lot of questions in her heart, Gu Yun still held out her hand towards the small soldier and said, “Give it to me.”

The small soldiers secretly took a glance to Su Ling. Seeing Su Ling slightly nodded, he gave the letter to Gu Yun.  Gu Yun neatly opened the envelope. This urgent letter only contented one small piece of paper.


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-10

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  2. I’m confused here. Where did Gu Yun know Dan Yu Lan here? Doesn’t written in this story yet based on my previous reading 🤔


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