Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-6

The small green snake moved to the left, Bing Lian also moved to the left, directly stopping the snake from the left side. When the small snake moved right, Bing Lian also flew to the right (not in kind of dancing move, you get what I mean right?). When the snake didn’t move, Bing Lian also didn’t spare it, moving forward to attack the opponent head The small green snake was angry and opened its mouth, spitting the venom out. Bing Lian retreated back a little, waiting for the snake to calm down. Bing Lian quickly attacked again. A snake and a sword were fighting against each other.

The two women who were watching, couldn’t help but smile. The atmosphere was becoming less tense. The woman smiled really beautifully. Although it was just slight raised lips, it was enough to mesmerize people.

“You, what is your name?” Gu Yun suddenly wanted to know her name. Even though her identity was still unclear and even if they could not become friends, she still wanted to know.

The woman’s smile stiffened and she suddenly put up her guard. At this time, the mountain was on fire again at a distance. The black and heavy smoke filled the sky. The woman’s face was becoming as dark as the sky, making people unable to guess her thoughts.

Suddenly, she jumped and took the whip which was hanging on a tree branch. She whistled once and a touch of green fluorescent flashed over there. The snake which was fooling around with Bing Lian just before was already back to her hand. She quickly ran towards the stream not far from there.

“Hey!” Everything happened in a flash of light. Gu Yun also quickly got up, pursuing her hotly. The woman ran to the edge of the river and without hesitation rushing into the fast current water. The green figure quickly disappeared into the waves.

Gu Yun pursued to the riverside. Unlike before, she didn’t jump into the water. The water current was fast. Her swimming skill was not enough to pursue the enemy in this kind of conditions. At that time, she might not only unable to get the person, she might also lose her life. She wouldn’t do this kind of battle with so much uncertainty.

Her pair of arms was folded in front of her chest. Gu Yun stared at the water direction for a long time and still didn’t see the green figure.

Bing Lian also joined the fun by flying in front of Gu Yun, shaking with excitement. Gu Yun didn’t look at it and just said, “You really enjoyed the play before”.

Her words were just finished. Bing Lian stiffened its entire body, straightly stayed in the mud near Gu Yun’s feet, not daring to move.

Gu Yun laughed. Didn’t people say Bing Lian was a thousand-year-old sword? How could it behave so childishly!

Gu Yun turned back and gradually she could see the light which was emitting from the fire. However, that big flood before and this humidity had made the trees and soil wet. Although the fire could be ignited, but it wasn’t big so the smoke couldn’t be that big. Seeing things in front of her, it seemed like the fuel and Sulphur almost ran out, yet they only burned several places. Thousands of soldiers were moving with alertness to their surroundings, who knew if as the fire slowed down, the rebels would start an attack. They moved towards the hideout, trying to surround the area.


16 thoughts on “Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-6

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  2. thank you—-!
    woo, really exciting! well, the woman went to help the rebels, it seems. anyway, the plan is continuing! lol, bing lian’s cute! i think bing lian is also happy that it got to battle a bit!

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  3. I’m so curious about that woman’s identity now and her connection to SL.
    However, I believe the next few parts will be dedicated to the mission so that will probably not be answered soon.

    Thank you for the chapter and good luck on your projects!


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