Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-5

The two stared at each other, finding a mutual respect and excitement in the opponent’s eyes. Slowly, they walked closer. The moment their fist could reach out, they simultaneously attacked.

The woman fist changed into straight palm. The slender fingers glided towards Gu Yun’s eyes. Fortunately, Gu Yun was able to move fast and escaped the woman’s attack. Gu Yun single-handedly grabbed the woman’s wrist while her other hand went through the woman’s armpit straight, grabbing the belt. She lowered herself a little bit, lifted the woman over her shoulder and threw mercilessly the woman onto the ground.

The woman just started to feel her waist and wrist were grabbed and didn’t have time to respond when her body was suddenly thrown! Rolling on the ground, the woman quickly stood up. The woman secretly wondered what kind of movement was that.

Gu Yun didn’t let the woman have a chance to recuperate. She attacked again.

The close-range fighting was Gu Yun’s forte. Her moves were quick and efficient. Her every move was designed to defeat her opponent. The woman punched a few times in a row. Originally, she was intended to observe Gu Yun’s movement before fully engaging. However, looking at this circumstances, if she didn’t use her might to fight, she would be seriously injured before she could clearly analyze Gu Yun’s movements.

The woman’s qing gong was really good and her actions were smooth and elegant. Gu Yun had always thought that this kind of attack was only beautiful/artistic, but did not have practical effort. However, after fighting with the woman, she just realized she had been wrong. The woman moved elegantly and lightly, it appeared like gentle movements, the long leg lifted. However, they held extraordinary power. Just like taichi, slow but continuous attack. She was really not an easy opponent!

Gu Yun used Jeet Kune Do to attack. Her every move was packed and targeted to most vulnerable places. The woman was agile but her breath was still stable. After many attacks, the fight became more and more exciting. However, their physical strengths were becoming depleted over the time.

The woman once again punched towards Gu Yun’s chest. Gu Yun seized the opportunities, wanting to throw her over the shoulder. When her hand was on the woman’s belt, the woman was already alert quickly dodged and grabbed Gu Yun’s belt. As the result, Gu Yun was using her strength to fall, making both women fall onto the ground.

Experiencing this falling, no one was better than the other. In order not to let the opponent take an advantage, the women let each other go at the same time. Their heels towards each other’s stomach, kicking fiercely.

The strong force made the women fly three feet away to opposite sides.

Rubbing their stomach, the two were tiredly collapsed onto the ground. They were breathing heavily but still alert of the opponent’s movement. Not far from them …


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