Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-4

After being rushed through 3-4 miles, both females finally could stand up in the knee-deep water. Their wet clothes clutched onto their bodies. Both females seemed very awkward. However, one proudly stood with a long whip as her weapon, while the other held a long sword stood on the opposite side. Both eyes were full of murderous aura. No one really cared for their appearance at this moment.

The water gradually lowered to an ankle-level. Gu Yun gently took her sword out of its scabbard. As Bing Lian was revealed, there was accompanying ice chilled muffled sound. Gu Yun smiled. “We didn’t decide the winner last time is. How about we decide the outcome today?”

Gu Yun could be sure, this woman was connected to the rebels. Catching her wouldn’t be easy, but she (Gu Yun) could, at least, delay her! Furthermore, aside for Chi Xue, this was the first time she found a weapon who withstood Bing Lian’s power. How could she not be interested with this long snakeskin whip?

The woman’s eyes stared at Gu Yun’s face for quite a while. Her expression was complex.  At last, the peach-flower-colored lips were slightly raised. Her hand gently whip the ground, spraying the muddy water.

Want to compete? She would, of course, accept the challenge. She also would like to see how different Su Ling’s wife is.

Gu Yun found the same interest/intention in the woman’s eyes. There was no time for pause, Gu Yun clenched Bing Lian and attacked first. As Gu Yun approached, the woman felt a surge of cold air blowing in front of her, she almost couldn’t cope. The snake on her wrist slithered over to her neck, gently snuggled inside her collar. A warmness flowed through four of her limbs. Although her body temperature was still low, the woman felt a lot better.

Holding onto her long whip, the woman lashed back. Once again, the sword and the whip intertwined. However, at this time, Gu Yun didn’t hesitate to turn over her sword blade. A light was emitted due to the friction. The whip was forced to loosen, Gu Yun stroke Bing Lian towards the woman’s chest.

Their distance was really close; it was too late for the woman to whip her lash. She wanted to move aside to evade the attack, but Gu Yun was one step faster than her. With the sword in its sight, the snake on the woman’s neck flew to Bing Lian, tightly wrapping around Bing Lian. Gu Yun suddenly felt a great force was pulling her. She couldn’t hold onto to Bing Lian. The sword flew out towards the side, straightly into/onto the ground.

Gu Yun no longer had a sword on her yet the woman still had the whip. Within a second, their situation was reversed, making Gu Yun at a disadvantage position. The woman took this opportunity to whip. Gu Yun was in a tight position and with difficulties, evaded the attack. She thought the woman would double her strength to win over Gu Yun. Who knew? The woman just silently stared at her and tossed her whip. The whip was hanged onto the nearby tree. She bare-handedly faced Gu Yun.  

Gu Yun was surprised. Did the woman want to compete with her unarmed?

It looked like she was a well-mannered person and didn’t want to take advantages over the situation. Gu Yun’s impression of her improved. At this time, Bing Lian who had been able to disentangle itself from the small snake flew onto Gu Yun’s hand again.

Gu Yun smiled and naturally put Bing Lian on the ground too.

Gu Yun also bare-handedly faced the woman. It had been a long time since she fought with someone barehanded. Today, she would be able to fight till she was satisfied!


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