Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-3

The woman also didn’t look at Su Ling anymore. Her eyes flashed. For him, she was just a hostage/prisoner! If that was the case, she wouldn’t act according to her emotions. Anyway, she could only be his enemy!

The woman indifferently stood there. The soldiers behind her stepped forward, wanting to tie her. Her eyes darkened.

“Be careful!” Gu Yun who had been keeping an eye on her immediately took out Bing Lian and stood in front of the two soldiers. The icy aura emitted from Bing Lian made the soldiers subconsciously take a big step back. At the same time, the green ribbon on the woman’s hand suddenly moved. An emerald green snake widely opened its black mouth and struck where the soldiers stood before. The hissing sound made people cringe. The two soldiers’ eyes were wide, they stood frozen.

“It was so close! If the madam hadn’t stopped it, they would definitely get bitten by the snake. The snake’s skin was so bright and its mouth was completely dark. It must be a highly toxic snake!  They didn’t think this ordinary weak woman brought such a toxic animal on her!

The soldiers’ heart trembled with fear. However, they couldn’t let the prisoner escape. They braved themselves. Seven-eight soldiers got ready to attack together. Gu Yun’s hand which held Bing Lian stopped them. This was because the woman had taken off her snakeskin whip. If she was not wrong, that was the whip that could withstand Bing Lian’s power.

Gu Yun tightened her grip on Bing Lian, slowly walking towards the woman’s and standing in front of her. Gu Yun just noticed when the woman looked at the cart full of fuel and Sulphur, there was a flash of panic on her face.

“You were with Wu Ji and Yan Ge.” Gu Yun didn’t ask the question and merely stated the truth. The woman’s face restored to normal. She shot a cold glare at Gu Yun. The whip on her hand already struck to the direction of Gu Yun’s face.

Gu Yun had expected she would attack, hence, when she took out the whip, Gu Yun quickly jumped to the front. The long whip didn’t get Gu Yun, but it was deeply embedded in the mud. The depth was over a foot!

When the woman suddenly whipped, everyone else except Gu Yun was surprised. The woman took advantages of everyone’s shocking state to leave. The figure ran quickly. When Su Ling heard an abnormal sound behind him, he turned around, only to find that the weak green figure from before once more jumped into the water. It was followed by another black figure with a cheetah-like speed.

Su Ling’s heart stifled. The water current had been weak, they would soon launch the second attack now. Therefore, he couldn’t leave this time. The woman in green had quite good martial arts. In addition, she was also cunning. Would she (Gu Yun) be able to handle it? His hand stroked Chi Xue on his waist. The warmness of the sword settled his heart a little bit. Fortunately, there was Bing Lian, accompanying her. She should be alright.

In the weak current, both females were struggling to swim. Gu Yun didn’t want to let her go while the woman desperately wanted to get rid of her. However, all the way down, Gu Yun still followed the woman closely behind.


6 thoughts on “Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-3

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  2. You know, the green woman probably can looking for Gu yun because she heard that she was his wife and wanted to take a look. It explains her hostility.


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