Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-2

The woman seemed absent-minded, just looking at Su Ling with a complex expression… was it joy? Gu Yun thought that she saw it wrong when the woman didn’t swim to avoid Su Ling, instead went over to him. This meant they actually knew each other?

Calming her heart, Gu Yun’s hands were folded in front of her chest, silently observing them.

Very soon, the woman followed the water current and arrived at Su Ling’s side. Su Ling leapt off the tree and tightly held the woman’s shoulders. The woman frowned in pain but didn’t make a noise. The small green snake which wound on her wrist sensed its owner distress. Its red eyes glared at Su Ling and its black tongue hissed. Both of its fangs were completely out, ready to attack. Seeing it wanted to bite Su Ling, the woman shook her head and glared at it.

The small green snake felt wronged but it still closed its mouth, not daring to be rash and obediently lowered its head. It slithered around the woman’s arm and didn’t dare to randomly move. If people saw it at a glance, it really looked like a piece of emerald green ribbon.

The woman and the small snake exchanged a glance. Su Ling had lifted her from the water. Using his powerful arm to hold the woman’s waist. The woman’s body immediately stiffened. Su Ling didn’t feel discomfort walking in the forest with her in this position. The woman slightly turned her head. Su Ling’s cold resolute face was ‘revealed’ in front of her. She had been thinking about getting closer to this face for years. Her face became colder. Unconsciously she wrinkled her brow, because… he didn’t remember who she was! He had forgotten her!

Gu Yun cold eyes were observing. Now, she could 100% sure that they knew each other… at least, the woman in green knew Su Ling. Gu Yun hadn’t forgotten how hard her snakeskin whip was and how ruthless were her attacks. However, when the opponent became Su Ling, she didn’t even have the intention to attack him. This proved that their friendship wasn’t light.

Gu Yun didn’t realize that her tone seemed to less indifferent than usual. The hands in front of her chest moved frequently.

After few jumps, the two landed on the high ground. Su Ling released his grip on the woman’s waist. Before the woman stood firmly, Su Ling unmercifully pushed her torso and ordered a bunch of soldiers, “Escort her back to the camp and put her in a watch.


Finished speaking, Su Ling turned around and walked to Leng Xiao’s direction. His eyes only focused on the water current at the front, he didn’t spare a glance at the woman behind.


9 thoughts on “Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-2

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  2. Hmm… Anyone else is curious of the story behind this? I know I am! How did they meet? Was it love at first sight for the green woman?what were Su Ling’s thoughts on all of this? I think Su Ling is more deserving of her than GY.

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